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08 Sep 2010 | Text and photos by Julian Kho

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Definitely Maybe for the MPV

Looking for a 2-seater vehicle? Maybe the Zafira. Looking for a 5-seater one? Go for the Zafira. Want a 7-seater vehicle for your family? Definitely the Zafira.

This Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is as smart-looking as anything on the road, while retaining a certain conservatism in styling that will prevent it from being outdated so soon. The Opel designers have certainly done a splendid job on the exterior because there isn't a single angle from which the car looks awkward.

Opel has more importantly succeeded in providing endless possibilities for drivers. What I'm talking about is the patented unique Flex7 seating system which allows drivers to create more trunk space by knocking down not one, but two rows of seats. That cuts down the 7-seater to either 5 or 2-seater, depending what the afternoon program is.

And that is exactly why the Opel Zafira has opened its doors to a wider target market.


The Zafira's look is confident, energetic and is unmistakably related to the Astra. The car magnifies its sportiness as well as sophistication by the V-shape tapering of the fascia and eye-catching details such as large air inlets in the front bumper. However, I wasn't really fond of the minute size of the mirrors given the size of the car.

But what I really like about the front end is the confident wide front chrome beam with the integrated Opel logo. It makes one feel proud to drive an Opel. It takes the hood tapering and draws it into the two-part radiator grille fins, which are fully chromed as well, giving the MPV a sporty and elegant appearance.

To add on, the rising body shoulder and aerodynamic roofline gently slopes downward to the rear accentuating the back end with a dynamic look. The design enhancement is rounded off by the taillights' silver transparent strip, which links with the rear chrome beam across the tapered back of the car.
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Car Information


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinders in-line 16-valves DOHC

Engine Cap





140 bhp / 6300 rpm



175 Nm / 3800 rpm



5-speed (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed