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Anyone who knows his Germans should also know that Audi, aggressively "Vorsprung-ing" durch Technik and all, definitely knows something when it comes to fabricating anything related to sheet metal and blocks of aluminium.

27 Aug 2008

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Naturally, we received our test car with great expectations, especially with the hype, claiming that the A4 is a pleasurable, comfortable and efficient drive. It sounds like the perfect car, but we very well know there's no such thing, at least in this lifetime.

We'd test driven the 3.2-litre quattro a few months back. We'd also made a mental note on the impeccable interior of that particular A4. Then, we had proceeded to review a barrage of other cars in between. Such was the level of fit and finish in the Audi, it still managed to surprise and delight.

We loved how everything felt - expensive to the touch and a pleasure to use. We weren't very used to this particular car's single-knobbed interface. Even without parking cameras, navigation and everything, it works very much like BMW's i-Drive. You'll have to fumble around for a bit though. With air-conditioner settings a priority, we were rather amused to find a multitude of ways to adjust any single parameter.

For example, temperature or blower strength could be set either by turning, pushing or toggling the interface via a few buttons. We won't waste your time by exploding into utter detail. In short, we would liken it to Microsoft Windows - deleting a file can be done by pressing the "delete" key, or by right clicking on it.

There's precious little in the A4 that stands out from the A6 or A8. The only probable difference would be those silver rings encircling the speedometer and tachometer. Stitching patterns on those Milano leathers were simply to die for, and were deliberately done so with comfort in mind.

One other distinguishing factor would be the rear legroom. It isn't as long as the A6 no doubt, but with over 2800 mm in wheelbase length, it feels only a little more cramped when compared to the longer, bulkier Volkswagen Passat. If you really need figures, the interior is 2 centimetres longer, freeing up 3.6 centimetres more for those knees.
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Car Information

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors


: -

Engine Type


4-cylinder in-line

Engine Cap





125kW (168 bhp) / 4500 rpm



320 Nm / 1500 rpm



8-speed (A) Multitronic

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)


8.3sec (tested)

Top Speed



Fuel consumption


17.2 km/L

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