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The spacious Honda Jazz builds on its strengths, making it more accomplished than ever.

13 Oct 2014

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First introduced in 2001, the Honda Jazz (also known as Fit in some countries or the local Parallel Imported (PI) model) became an immediate hit in Singapore.

The second generation of the car was unveiled six years later and followed in its predecessor's footsteps, achieving great success and also became one of the top compact hatchbacks that roamed around our little island.

Just mid this year, we saw the unveiling of the third iteration of the Jazz, with the new car using an all new platform that is also shared with Honda's upcoming compact crossover HR-V.

To top the sporty look off, the Jazz in top-end RS guise here is fitted with an added side sill garnish, rear bumper extension and a rear spoiler


The prominent Honda badge dominates the centre of Honda's new assertive grille, which is flanked by LED headlights (RS model only), while air intakes below fan out to the sides - giving the Jazz a strong road presence from the front.

Styling is right out of the fun hatchback sketchbook with sharp lines, despite a slab sided look accentuating a sporty profile. Plus, the way the window line sweeps up towards the rear gives the car a little more attitude.

Keeping up with the times - LED headlights come standard on the Jazz RS

Measuring 3,955mm x 1,694mm x 1,524mm (L x W x H), the new Jazz is only marginally narrower and lower than its predecessor by 1mm respectively. But what the new model has gained significantly is its length - 35mm to be exact - translating to much more space in the cabin.

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Car Information



: -

Engine Type


4-stroke DOHC i-VTEC

Engine Cap





96kW (129 bhp) / 6600 rpm



155 Nm / 4600 rpm




Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


18.9 km/L

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