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Find out more about the latest results of our Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

  Oct 2014, 2nd Tender
  CAT A     Cars up to 1600cc and 130bhp [View Past CAT A Results
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
Up $110
  CAT B     Cars above 1600cc or 130bhp [View Past CAT B Results
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
Down $178
  CAT C     Goods Vehicle & Bus [View Past CAT C Results
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
Up $3,611
  CAT E     Open [View Past CAT E Results
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
Up $198
Quota Premium : Price of the successful COE bid.
Change : Difference between current price of COE and the previous price.
Prevailing Quota Premium : Amount to be paid for COE renewal. Computed from 3-month moving average of COE prices.
Quota : Number of COE issued.
Bids Received : Number of bidders participating in this COE bidding round.

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Premium Userlawrenceyee     6-Sep-2014  |  15.47 pm
Why can't LTA publish monthly statistics on the number of vehicles scrapped per month so that the public will know the number of COEs available the next quarter. The potential car buyers can plan ahe... Read more

SGCM_editorial     7-Sep-2014  |  12.55 pm
Hi lawrenceyee,

We agree such info would be helpful and good to know

However we reckon car dealers play a bigger part in affecting the COE premiums, as at the end of the day they are the ones w... Read more

Kumipoint     17-Oct-2013  |  02.22 am
as for cat c will go up on next bid

SGCM_editorial     17-Oct-2013  |  10.06 am
Hi Kumipoint,

We believe the same seems that the demand is not affected by the high prices

Kumipoint     17-Oct-2013  |  02.19 am
i don't think coe will go down in this two year

Premium UserDwee     18-Sep-2013  |  16.57 pm
Waiting to see more ripple effects created by the Minister . . .

Premium UserDwee     18-Sep-2013  |  16.55 pm
Crazy ! ! ! Now Cat A , B and E all over $80K ! ! And CAT C reaching $80K . . .

SGCM_editorial     18-Sep-2013  |  17.09 pm
As what we predicted. Let's wait and see what happens next.

4wheelsgood     10-Sep-2013  |  15.46 pm
I am certain that the announcement from the Minister is going to create more havoc these few months. Cat A is definitely going through the roof in the coming few biddings. Flooding in the AYE locality... Read more

SGCM_editorial     10-Sep-2013  |  17.50 pm
While the Minister is rethinking, so are we. Read our latest prediction here:

Oldcat     27-Sep-2013  |  09.07 am
maybe Minister say buy motorcycle, COE still low for CAT D...

Premium UserDersly     6-Sep-2013  |  01.31 am
i think % percent and COE have to go down . And what i think the used car dealer speak out ,the NEW car dealer also have to speak out too to let GOV know . mainten as normel %percent or mainte... Read more

Premium UserDwee     4-Sep-2013  |  20.56 pm
When will the COE go down !!!???

SGCM_editorial     4-Sep-2013  |  23.57 pm
Precisely our thoughts Dwee,

but from the looks of it, we doubt it's going to be anytime soon

Premium UserDersly     7-Jul-2013  |  22.19 pm
For what I feel the % lower down is better dan the Coe. But think back Coe never go down also cannot.what I think from here
Coe down good
Loan back to last time very good

SGCM_editorial     8-Jul-2013  |  12.30 pm
Hi Dersly,

We reckon the loan curb will be here to stay for sometime

And looking at the trend the premiums are more or less going to hover around this level

That said, its too early to say wh... Read more

Premium UserAce_ps     20-Jun-2013  |  08.36 am
Well done. This shows that the rich are still cash rich...while the poor still poor. Even you reduce the loan to say 20/30% also no use, COE will still go up. Our gahmen "desperately" n... Read more

SGCM_editorial     20-Jun-2013  |  17.18 pm
Hi Ace-ps

Looking at the premiums now, we certainly agree that the new implementations seem to have short term effect on keeping COE prices in check

A new COE system, meanwhile, is in the works.... Read more

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