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Save on Your Car Loan

Get attractive interest rates when you buy with a fully-approved car loan from Sgcarmart Financial Services before visiting the showroom.

No more haggling for discounts over bank loans with dealers, just instant savings with our attractive low interest rates, available for used cars, private hire vehicles and COE renewed cars. Apply now and get support with our advisors to buy your next car.

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Why Get a Loan with Sgcarmart Smart Loan?

Unbeatable interest rates
Save money with our low interest rates.
All types of car loans
Loan for used car and private hire vehicles. Wide coverage.
Upfront approval
Quick loan approval. Buy car hassle-free.
Dedicated support
Dedicated team for financing needs. Support throughout car-buying journey.
A Fully digital process
Apply via MyInfo. Get approval via email.
No impact on your TDSR
No impact on TDSR. Own your next car. Worry-free.
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To enjoy the promotional interest rate of 2.28% / 2.68% / 2.99% and KINTO membership promotion:

  • Apply and disburse your Sgcarmart Smart Loan
  • Commit to a minimum loan amount of $20,000 and tenure of 1 year
  • Find out more details about the KINTO membership here

Sgcarmart Smart Loan is a new innovative financing product that complements your car buying experience. It allows you to take control of your finances and improves your affordability with our lowest-in-town interest rates

All Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners aged 21 and above with a minimum monthly income of S$2,000 are eligible to apply for a loan.

There may be instances where non-working individuals (i.e. Housewives and Retirees) with no income and/or guarantor canl manage to secure a loan. We will assess special cases like this based on the person’s financial terms and credit standing.

Your approved Sgcarmart Smart Loan will be valid for 30 days.

The vehicle must be a PARF car with more than 13 months of COE left in order to qualify for a Sgcarmart Smart Loan. Sgcarmart Financial Services currently offers car loans for used private cars, private hire vehicles, and COE renewed cars.

If you are a direct seller and need assistance with direct owner car sales, please contact our advisors on Sgcarmart Connect at [email protected] or 67443540. We will help you with the car loan application. Please note that there is a $500 admin fees apply.

This loan operates on a direct-to-consumer model which allows us to convert our savings into a lower interest rate for you.

You may make a side-by-side comparison with our interest calculator to see how much you can save when you take a Sgcarmart Smart Loan.

Once you’ve shortlisted a car you want on Sgcarmart, you can click on the loan application button on the car’s listing page and apply for the loan via MyInfo, reducing your application time and allowing us to review your information accurately.

We will get back to you within the next working day. Alternatively, you can also check your loan status via the check status button on our website.

You will receive your loan outcome via the email address you provided. We will also reach out via mobile to guide you on the following steps after your approval, including what to expect before visiting the dealership for car viewing or purchase.

The approval is only valid for the car you selected. However, if you wish to choose another car, simply update your car choice by applying through our website and we will update your loan approval accordingly. You may also contact us and we will review your change request.

You can visit any dealer with a Sgcarmart Smart Loan marker

You can inform your dealer at the start of the shopping process so that they can better advise and structure your deal.

A conditioned approval may be a lower finance amount or a requirement of an additional guarantor to support your application. We will contact you by the next working day to update and assist you with your preference.

We are unable to support your loan application as you did not fulfil our approval criteria. If you agreed to our marketing consent, our partners might reach out to you about your interest in applying with them

We will reach out to your dealer after you have confirmed your purchase and guide them on the next steps to complete your loan process.

You will receive your loan contract via a password-protected email. You will also receive an SMS via your registered mobile number to inform you of the commencement of your contract.

We accept GIRO, PayNow, or Bank Transfer.

All loans made with Sgcarmart Financial Services are backed by Toyota Financial Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Mobile: 9138 6924 / 9617 1875
Email: [email protected]

Need help or advice? Get in touch with us

If you need extra help, you can always whatsApp us at 9138 6924 and at [email protected]
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The Sgcarmart Smart Loan is a financing scheme by Sgcarmart Financial Services, a brand of SGCM Pte. Ltd.
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