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Best Deal, Best Match
Best Deal, Best Match
Get discounted rates from our leasing partners
Professional Inspection
Professional Inspection
Pre-collection checks by our in-house technicians
Disinfection Service
Disinfection Service
Fully sanitise and disinfect the cars before handover
7-Days Return Policy
7-Days Return Policy
If you have a change of mind, you can return the car within 7 days
Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
No hidden charge or additional fees

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Popular Cars

Happy Customers

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Engaging in a car leasing service means you have the intention to rent a car for an extended duration (the period could range from months to years).

Car leasing means lower upfront costs for the hirer and a fixed payment every month without worrying about additional costs such as repairs and servicing.

The flat monthly fee includes road tax, insurance, regular servicing, wear & tears items (eg tyre, wiper, brake pads), replacement change, and general repairs.

Expenses related to your daily usage of the car such as petrol, parking, ERP & Tolls, car cleanliness, etc

While both have pros and cons, car leasing would be a more viable option if you would like a lower initial cash outlay, a fixed monthly fee without worrying about the various car maintenance costs and commitment period.

Most car leasing companies offer cars to lease with unlimited mileage. However, specific car models that fall within the exotic or supercar category may have a mileage capacity due to requirements from our fleet partners.

Comprehensive insurance comes inclusive for every car leasing package. The insurance excess will be communicated to you when you look through the various quotations and varies across different companies.

You are eligible to do so if you opt for the PHV driver leasing package with the appropriate PHV driver insurance coverage.

You will need to return the car in the same condition as when you collected it. This includes the accessories provided such as car cameras, cat mats, headrests, etc. You may incur a fine for any repair or refurbishment needed outside of fair wear and tear.

After submitting your details in a short form, our matching algorithm scans your requirements and preferences and identifies a list of suitable car rental companies.

Our service staff will handpick the ones that best meet the hirer's needs and you will receive quotations from 3 recommended leasing companies.

  1. Sgcarmart has access to a wide range of discounts/rebates from its network of car rental companies.
  2. The trained technicians at Sgcarmart Quotz will conduct a thorough visual and mechanical check to ensure roadworthiness
  3. Fully disinfected the car before handing over the car to you
  4. Option to return the car within 7 days (T&Cs apply)
  5. Attractive gifts and welcome packs for you.

You can find almost any car available for lease from our extensive network of rental partners, from established car rental companies, commercial vehicle specialists, car dealers, and authorised distributors.

If you intend to apply for a season parking, we will provide a softcopy of the vehicle log card.
You can then apply for season parking using the vehicle log card and rental agreement.

When you incur a traffic offence and it gets routed to us, we will furnish your details to the relevant authorities. The relevant authorities will contact you to resolve/settle the tickets or summons (such as speeding, red light and parking offences).

If there is a breakdown or you cannot start the vehicle, please call the 24 hours breakdown number provided to you during your car collection.