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Skoda has taken inspiration from Czech crystal glass art to develop a design language, which harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.

29 Mar 2017 | International News : Czech Republic

Skoda Design emphasises its commitment to a distinct design identity with continuous development of its design language. Harmonious proportions, clean-cut lines, bold contours and crystalline features are combined to create a design that places a focus on precision and clarity.

One of the sources of inspiration for Skoda's designers is Czech crystal glass art, which is characterised by outstanding craftsmanship. This yields an expressive, emotionally-charged design, which harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality. Czech crystal glass art is internationally renowned and steeped in tradition. It combines classic manufacturing processes with modern aesthetics.

Skoda Design pays respect to the cultural heritage of the brand's homeland and pays tribute to the artists who create sculptures of timeless beauty through precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. With this awareness of tradition and heritage, Skoda has developed a design language that distinguishes the brand and has already been applied to numerous concept studies such as the Skoda VisionD in 2011, Skoda VisionC in 2014 and the Skoda VisionS in 2016.

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