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TrCM and YSS, which discourages speeding, were implemented on a pilot basis at a total of six locations in May last year.

09 Jul 2009 | Local News : Singapore

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will expand the implementation of two new road safety initiatives - Traffic Calming Markings (TrCM) and Your Speed Sign (YSS), following positive results from its pilot run.

LTA's perception surveys conducted with 200 motorists and observations at these pilot locations showed that generally, the two initiatives have been effective in influencing motorists to slow down.

Traffic Calming Marking

The TrCM are white triangular markings painted on the road to create a visually narrower lane that encourages motorists to slow down. These markings were piloted at three locations - along Dairy Farm Road, Bukit Batok East Avenue 5 and the Eng Neo Ave exit from PIE (Tuas).

LTA has observed that overall speeds have decreased by 10% at these locations. About 64% of those surveyed found these markings effective in influencing them to slow down.

By end August 2009, the LTA will extend the use of TrCM, starting with six locations at Ghim Moh Road near Blk 14, Whitley Road towards PIE (Tuas) near CJC, Lentor Road near the junction of Lentor Loop/ Lentor Road, Upper East Coast Road near Parbury Avenue, BKE (Woodlands) - Bukit Panjang exit and Woodlands Avenue 6.

"TrCM is a useful reminder for motorists to slow down. While motorists may not decrease their speeds vastly, a mere reduction of 2km/h can make a difference to road safety," said motorist and technical executive, Ms Nur Edleen Bte Suhaimi.

Your Speed Sign

YSS is an electronic sign that displays the speed of a passing vehicle so that the motorist will be more aware of his travel speed and consequently encourages him to keep to the speed limit.

These YSS were put up at three locations during the trial - the PIE (Changi) - Bedok North Exit 8A, SLE (BKE) - Yishun Exit 3 and Tampines Avenue 5 entry into PIE (Tuas).

LTA has observed that about 12% more motorists have been keeping to the speed limits at these locations. 72% of motorists surveyed also feedback that the YSS is effective in helping them moderate their driving speeds at these locations.

YSS will now be part of LTA's range of measures used to improve the safety of roads in accident-prone areas. It will be extended to PIE (Tuas) - Clementi Ave 6 exit by December 2009.

"Sometimes, we do not look at our speedometer when driving. This is especially so when we have been driving along the same stretch of road daily for years. However, the YSS sign makes us more conscious of our speed and reminds us to slow down," said Mr Ernest Ong, a motorist who regularly passes through the YSS at the Bedok North Exit 8A.

Continual improvement

"We will continue to study and explore new road safety initiatives to provide a safer environment for all our road users. While we continue to make our road safer, we also urge motorists to observe the speed limits. By speeding, they put themselves and others at risk," said Dr Chin Kian Keong, Chief Engineer, Transportation.

The TrCM and YSS are two of the four road safety initiatives implemented on a pilot basis as part of the Land Transport Master Plan. The other two are the Dashed Pedestrian Crossing Line (DPCL) and the Pedestrian Crossing Ahead Marking (PCAM). LTA has expanded the implementation of DPCL and PCAM since February 2009.

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