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BAC has delivered the very first Mono R finished in a very special livery inspired by the Sony PlayStation anti-gravity racing series 'WipEout'.

09 Nov 2020 | International News : U.K.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has officially delivered the first BAC Mono R supercar to a European customer, finished in one of the most unique and outrageous liveries ever produced by the company.

The remarkable design of R #1 is inspired by the world-famous Sony PlayStation anti-gravity racing series
'WipEout', in which players race ships in challenging ballistic, anti-gravity racing and combat events at breakneck speed.

The BAC Mono R is an upgraded version of the already quick BAC Mono, with 340bhp for a power-to-weight ratio of 612bhp per tonne
The hyper-futuristic series proved to be an overwhelming global success, with several million units sold across the world throughout its reign since 1994. The most recognisable - and iconic - team to feature across the WipEout series is 'FEISAR' (Federal European Industrial Science and Research), which the first-ever BAC Mono R pays homage to.

Mono R #1 is finished in the classic FEISAR blue, yellow and white scheme, plus three additional colours feature alongside visible carbon aspects. The intricate masking and painting process took over 10 days to complete, with over 400 complex painted graphics spread across the supercar's body in line with the FEISAR racing ship's design.

BAC's team hosted several meetings with original WipEout game creator and Designer Nick Burcombe, as well as acclaimed modern WipEout Graphic Designer Eddie Wainwright to bring their video-game creation to life with the perfect livery and matching helmet scheme.

The WipEout-inspired Mono R is the first car of only 30 that will be delivered around the world by BAC, before the new-generation, turbocharged BAC Mono enters production.

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