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With its use of visible carbon fibre in jet black, the La Voiture Noir's breathtaking sculpture stands for Bugatti's full measure of creativity and artistry.

07 Jun 2021 | International News : France

A breathtaking sculpture, perfect in form and entirely in black - the La Voiture Noire. This one-off was created exclusively for a Bugatti enthusiast within the space of two years. The ultimate grand tourer will now soon be delivered following extensive development work and testing.

With its use of visible carbon fibre in jet black, the coupe's breathtaking sculpture looks especially elegant. It is a veritable grand tourer that went from being a vision to a reality - a unique project which stands for Bugatti's full measure of creativity and artistry.

The absence of a large rear wing turns the La Voiture Noire into a minimalist coupe
The name 'La Voiture Noire' has a particular ring in the automotive world - Ettore Bugatti's son Jean developed and drove one of just four Type 57 SC Atlantic models produced. He named his car 'La Voiture Noire', or 'the black car'. The vehicle has since vanished without a trace.

The idea for this homage came to Design Director Achim Anscheidt more than 20 years ago, but years passed until it became possible to realise this unusual project.

The sculptural elements and commanding appearance of this black automobile remains forever unique. For the reinterpretation, the designers had to cast their minds back and seek to understand the automobile itself, the bygone times, the technology, the materials, and the creators - then update this work for the 21st century.

The modern-day La Voiture Noire is a minimalist coupe much like the Atlantic thanks to reducing the essentials, reduced lines, and the absence of a large and dominant rear wing. The designers reinterpreted the spirit of the historical vehicle and developed a specific shape stylistically and technically inspired by it.

The vehicle's body work boasts virtually no reflections, heightening tension and drama
This includes the dorsal seam down the centreline, the extended front section, the clear lines, and the sensuality of the rear. With great attention to detail, they created a bodywork with a unique surface finish - visible carbon fibre with a clearcoat known as 'Black Carbon Glossy'. The unique combination boasts virtually no reflections, heightening tension and drama.

The bumpers are integrated gently into the bodywork while the windscreen appears to meld with the side windows. The lack of disruptive lines means the surface appears to have been cast in one piece.

Bugatti has fitted the interior entirely with grain leather in Havana Brown, basing its choice on the historical model. This natural material complements the specially polished and turned aluminium inlays in various locations on the centre console and doors. Driving modes can be changed by means of a sophisticated rosewood switch.

The dorsal seam down the centreline harks back to the original Atlantic
"The La Voiture Noire is the ultimate dream car for long distances such as a drive from Molsheim to Milan. The combination of perfect beauty and powerful drive culminates in this one-off as a declaration of love for the automobile," explains Anscheidt.

In spite of its uniqueness, Bugatti developed the coupe just as elaborately as its other hyper sports cars in just two years. Every new part introduced had to pass Bugatti's strict testing and quality procedures. Extensive simulations were followed by testing in the wind tunnel, then on test tracks and proving grounds.

"With the La Voiture Noire, we are paying our respects to our long tradition, to France, and to Jean Bugatti's creative work," says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles. "At the same time, we are bringing exceptional technology, aesthetics, and extreme luxury into a new age."

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