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Motul has launched a new and improved formulation for its flagship 300V series lubricant at the 24h of Le Mans.

25 Aug 2021 | International News : France

Motul has launched a new and improved version of the 300V at the 24h of Le Mans, the most iconic racing event in the world.

Launched in 1971, Motul 300V was developed to help racing teams accomplish maximum performance and reliability out of their engines. Its name is a tribute to the 300 racing victories achieved by the time of its launch - but Motul 300V has gone on to help countless more motorsport legends to victory.

The 300V range is split into three major series
Over the following decades, Motul has continuously perfected its flagship product and today, Motul 300V continues to propel the world's top teams to podium glory.

The new formulation of the Motul 300V racing oil improves your engine performance by reducing internal friction. This ensures proven power and torque gains across the whole power band.

Higher shear stability for maximal oil film resistance, even in most extreme conditions, also ensures that the Motul 300V protects your engine without compromising performance.

The new formulation also utilises organic base stocks using non-fossil renewable materials, limiting the environmental impact and allowing Motul to lower its carbon footprint by 25% during manufacturing process.

The 'Le Mans' series is the only engine oil worldwide bearing the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans name
The range is split into three major series. The 'Power' series features the lightest viscosity grades, available from 0W-8 to 5W-30. It brings out an engine's maximum power and can cope with engines subject to low oil fuel dilution.

The 'Competition' series comes in mid-viscosity grades, available from 0W-40 to 15W-50. It offers the the best compromise between power and reliability, and can cope with engines subject to some oil fuel dilution.

The new generation of 300V 'Le Mans' series meanwhile, offers the maximum engine reliability possible and is now available in 10W-60 and 20W-60 viscosities. It is perfect for extreme motorsport applications such as endurance racing and drifting.

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