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Bentley reports that requests for personalisation and bespoke content via its bespoke division Mulliner have risen by 200% since 2020

15 May 2022 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has revealed that its bespoke division - Mulliner - has continued to see exponential growth in 2022, continuing the trend seen last year.

The firm states that requests for personalisation and bespoke content via Mulliner have risen by 200% since 2020, to the highest level in the company's history. On average, three Bentleys per day are now produced that include bespoke requests.

Bentley Mulliner is now offering customers the option to get their car's Organ Stops plated with 18K gold
The firm also reveals that it has seen an increased the number of bespoke features per request. It states that in 2020 a customer would likely ask for two features, while today it's typically up to seven.

Following this rapid growth, the Bentley Mulliner is adding two new additions into its bespoke cars. The first being 18K Gold Plated Organ Stops, which pay homage to the original Bentley Boys, whilst providing an iconic and timeless finish.

The second new addition is an increased selection of open-pore veneer. Inspired by the natural effect of Stone veneers, the latest offering now includes Liquid Amber, Vavona and Tamo Ash in more sustainable open-pore finishes.

All are treated with an ultra-thin matt lacquer solely for protection and gives the surface the natural texture of the wood, varying from the more traditional smooth gloss finished and using 90% less lacquer.

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