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The Mercedes-Benz EQV all-electric MPV offers a 198bhp output, a range of up to 426km, along with class-leading amounts of space.

08 Oct 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Mercedes-Benz Singapore has launched the first fully electric luxury MPV, the EQV, which combines emissions-free mobility with high levels of functionality and versatility.

The EQV meets high standards in terms of functionality and variability with its range of up to 426km, and rapid charging of the high-voltage battery at 110kW will see it going from 10% to 80% capacity in around 40 minutes.

The EQV will have a range of up to 426km, and supports rapid charging which will see it going from 10% to 80% capacity in around 40 minutes
Claudius Steinhoff, President and CEO of Daimler South East Asia and Mercedes-Benz Singapore stated that the EQV showcases how Mercedes is moving MPVs into the era of electrification, and how the EQV still retains the versatility, utility, comfort, style, and luxuriousness of the traditional Mercedes-Benz Vans lineup.

The electric drive train of the EQV is situated on the front axle under the dynamic front end of the car, with a charging connection in the bumper.

The drive train has a peak output of 198bhp. The electric motor, transmission with a fixed gear ratio, cooling system and the power electronics constitute an integrated yet compact unit.

Mercedes is certain that the EQV will retain the key qualities and characteristics that make their vans so loved by customers
The Mercedes EQV utilises lithium-ion batteries (offering a net capacity of 90kWh) which are located under the floor of the vehicle. This low and central positioning of the batteries help improve the handling characteristics of the MPV, while minimising the impact on the interior space of the vehicle. 

Further increasing the attractiveness of the EQV to families is the fact that there is flexible installation of luxury or bench seats which allows the EQV to be converted into a seven or eight-seater as needed. 

The EQV also possesses a specialised EQ specific MBUX system. This comes in the form of a 10.0-inch media display, with the EQ tile in the main menu serving as a central point of access to the electric vehcile-specific displays and settings. These include the charging current, departure time, energy flow and consumption histogram. 

The EQV will possess flexible seating options for families, with seven or eight-seater configurations to choose from
MBUX also boasts intelligent voice control with natural language comprehension, activated by the keywords 'Hey Mercedes'.

The voice control supports many infotainment functions (e.g. destination input, phone calls and music selection) and convenience functions such as lighting and climate control.

The Mercedes EQV also makes use of regenerative braking. Drivers can choose the amount of recuperation that they want by using the paddles behind the steering wheel to toggle between levels of braking as necessary.

The MBUX system provides intelligent voice control which allows passengers to control car functions on the fly
At the weakest level, the vehicle is able to 'coast', while at the strongest level, driving using a singlep pedal is possible due to the strong slowing effect from battery recuperation. 

Mercedes aims to make wallbox charger installation easier for customers. This is made possible by incuding a preliminary check of the installation conditions, a detailed consultation and installation.

The price of the EQV is currently quoted at $390,888, accurate as of 7 October 2022 and subject to change based on the prevailing COE price.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
Mercedes-Benz EQV300 (A) $390,888

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