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Fisker has announced that its Ocean SUV has achieved a 707km combined WLTP range, the highest amongst electric SUVs in Europe.

28 Mar 2023 | International News : U.K.

U.S.A-based electric car manufacturer Fisker has announced that its Ocean SUV in 'Extreme' trim has scored a combined WLTP range of 707km, said to be the longest range of any battery electric SUV sold in Europe to date (for comparison, the range of the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV tops off at 660km).

Fisker states that with this range, its customers will be able to potentially drive from London to Glasgow or Paris to Frankfurt with range to spare.

The firm is expecting European homologation of its SUV come late April 2023, and is planning to commence customer deliveries thereafter. The first European Fisker Centers will open in Vienna and Copenhagen on 11 April 2023, with additional Centers and Lounges across Europe and the U.S.A opening throughout 2023.

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