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BMW has put its fifth generation BMW eDrive technology to the test in the upcoming i5 at the frozen lakes of Sweden and at the foothills of the Alps.

30 Mar 2023 | International News : Sweden

The BMW i5 has completed its cold weather testing regime.

The car completed a road trip from Munich to the BMW test centre at Arjeplog back in February 2022, completing a 3,000km journey that proved its components, from the motors, power electronics, high-voltage battery and integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin and battery pack over a long-distance journey.

The BMW i5 is set to get an upgraded version of BMW's fifth generation eDrive technology
The drive also saw the BMW i5's chassis components, steering and braking systems, and driving dynamic and driving stability systems all being tested at the Arjeplog test centre.

The car was then tested throughout 2022 on the roads around Munich as well as in the vicinity of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, as well as about the Alpine foothills during the winter months.

These drives allowed the engineers to refine the car's chassis technology and acoustic properties under a wide variety of conditions, as well as to hone the drive unit's power delivery, in order to produce a well-resolved driving experience at all times.

The BMW i5 then went for a second round of testing in Sweden in order to further to fine-tune its powertrain and chassis control systems.

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