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Graffiti Garage is where you can give your car a new and eye-catching coat of paint, turning heads wherever you go.

14 Jan 2014

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Accidents do happen from time to time and these may lead to frustration arising from repair issues after seeing your precious car being damaged badly. It's also times like these when a new coat of paint or a new bodykit to replace that fateful one may be required.

Painting in a spray booth provides the highest quality in all kinds of painting applications and Graffiti Garage specialises in this, with its spray booth specially flown in from Italy
Graffiti Garage Spray Painting

There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects is the spray painting process. Every car that is sent to Graffiti Garage for spray painting goes through a stringent eight-step process:

1) Body parts such as side mirrors and door handles will be dismantled.

2) Clear coating will be sanded off and putty will be applied on areas that are uneven, or with scratches and dents.

3) Surface will be sanded to ensure that it is smooth and clean after painting.

4) Tape will be applied on non-coloured areas like windows, rims and tyres to prevent them from being spray painted.

This is where the magic happens - paint is mixed to achieve clients' desired colour
5) The car will then be spray painted in the spray booth. Thereafter, first rounds of checks will be made after the first layer of paint. Clear coating will then be painted. After which, the spray booth will be heated up to make the paint dry up faster.

6) Second rounds of checks will be conducted and re-sprays on certain areas, if needed, will be carried out.

7) All body parts will be reinstalled and the car will be polished.

8) Final rounds of checks will be carried out and the customer will be notified for collection once the car is certified done.

Graffiti Garage employs a few high quality paint systems, such as AIKKA, MIPA, Nippon Paint, Plasti Dip, Sikkens as well as Spies Hecker that offer a wide range of colours to suit customers' taste.

And if customers still can't find the colour they are looking for or wish to add a little creative juice of their own, Graffiti Garage also provides the service of paint mixing to achieve the colour required.
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