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We suss out 20 of the most notoriously narrow carparks in Singapore that are sure to give any driver a nervous fit.

22 Jun 2016

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There are many things that frustrate us driving on Singapore roads, everything from the numerous ERP gantries to the inevitable peak hour jams on the Pan Island Expressway. But even at your journey's end, there are a lot of carparks in Singapore, both old and new, that want to challenge your driving skills.  

We suss out 20 carparks in Singapore that are notoriously narrow and difficult to manoeuvre in. Admittedly, limited resources mean that we cannot actually take a tape measure to every single carpark in Singapore. Instead, this list contains carparks that have a reputation for being painfully narrow, but are still frequented by drivers due to other factors (one of the recurring ones seems to be that these are shopping mall or office building carparks). 

1. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre - This small, old carpark barely fits two cars abreast, making going up to higher levels while another car is coming the other way a mightily harrowing experience. Also, the turn onto the exit ramp is a narrow and steep 90-degree turn, and its odd location would likely necessitate a three point turn. 

2. Burlington Square - When there are even signs that have been put up to warn drivers of tight corners, you know this is a problematic one. Lots of pillars, ungodly turning radiuses, narrow lots, this one has it all. Add to that the fact that the pillars and sharp turns create a ton of blind corners, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

3. Chevron House - Tucked down a side street in the heart of the Central Business District, the entrance to the carpark is deceivingly spacious. Once you venture in, though, the carpark immediately clams up, with the narrow and acutely angled ramps forcing you worryingly close to the walls. 

4. Clifford Centre
- Definitely not for the weak at heart, this incredibly narrow yet packed carpark has ramps that are tight and has high sidewalls on both sides, making it too easy to scrape a bumper. The acute angle makes its especially hard to see over your bonnet (kudos to the Ferrari FF and BMW 7 Series we saw parked inside). 

5. Eastpoint Mall - The ramp to the upper ground carpark features two sharp bends in quick succession - not kind to long cars at all. This probably explains why while its neigh impossible to get a parking lot in the basement, the upstairs carpark is pretty empty. 

6. Golden Mile Complex - An old carpark with narrow lots, it's not uncommon to see bigger cars parking between two lots. The dark, underground carpark features quite a few sharp turns, and the exit ramp takes you up a blind crest into the taxi lane. The acute angle of said blind crest, plus the hump at its peak, also means that cars with lower ground clearances can easily scrape their undercarriages. 

7. Katong Shopping Centre - Another old carpark with narrow lots compounded by the fact that the pillars actually eat into the side lots. This basically means that the space drawn for three cars will basically only fit two, especially for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Go figure. 

8. Liang Court - A notoriously challenging carpark with tight turns, narrow lanes, blind corners and long sloping spirals, some contest this may just be the worst carpark in Singapore. Driving here can easily give you a headache with the endless spirals and seemingly lack of straight sections. If you reckon your driving skills are top-notch, we dare you to take a big seven-seater SUV through this gauntlet of a carpark. 

9. OCBC Centre - The shallow parking lots mean that a lot of cars will jut out of their lots, eating into the driving lanes. As a result, trying to drive up while another car is coming down is a slow and tedious process, and the 90-degree turns compound this misery.   

10. Orchard Building - Not only will the parking charges give you a heart attack, trying to negotiate through this carpark is an absolute nightmare. The up ramps from one floor to the next are at an extremely acute angle, making it basically compulsory to do a three point turn if you want to avoid scraping the walls. 


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