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unique only to
Singaporean drivers

Are we really the world's worst drivers? Maybe not. But we are pretty annoying. Here are 10 annoying habits unique only to Singaporean drivers.

Text | Anthony Lim
Photos | Low Fai Ming &

Whether we care to admit it or not, we are probably one of the least courteous, most self-centred and straight up annoying drivers in the world. At some point in our lives, we have all committed these heinous acts that irritate the hell out of other road users.
Despite the Government's attempts to make us a more gracious society, through the National Courtesy Campaign and Singa the Courtesy Lion, we always seem to come full circle back to our kiasu, kiasi mentality.
Now, we may not be the world's worst drivers in terms of skill, but we are definitely right up there when it comes to road ethics. That said, here are 10 annoying driving habits that we all have but are too afraid to own up to.


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1. "Ooohhh... accident, must take 4D number."
Most accidents can be avoided simply by paying more attention to the road instead of our phones and being more gracious to other road users. But we understand that 'sh*t happens' and sometimes the cards just aren't in your favour. However, slowing down to take a peek while passing by the scene of an accident is not only annoying, but also dangerous for others.
There's a twisted superstition, unique to Singapore, that suggests using the car plate number of the vehicle involved in the accident to purchase 4D. As if profiting off someone else's misfortune wasn't bad enough, the act of slowing down to kaypo causes a ripple effect for every other vehicle behind and forces traffic to slow, sometimes even to a complete stop. In case you're wondering, this phenomenon is called 'Rubbernecking'.


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2. "I may be slow but I'm still in front of you."
Remember the 'keep left rule' you were taught in driving school? No? Don't worry, you're not the only one. It doesn't usually happen on smaller roads but road hogging is pretty common on our expressways.
The first lane of an expressway is meant for overtaking and emergency vehicles. But that doesn't stop drivers from abusing it, which is fine if you're travelling at a decent speed. The problem only starts when a 'safe driver' decides to cruise at 60-70km/h when the speed limit is 90km/h. And the best part is, they probably have no idea that they're even hogging the lane.
Ignorance is not bliss. And slow driving does not equate to safe driving. You'll force other vehicles to overtake you from the left and in some cases, tailgate you, which leads us to our next point.


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3. "Move b*tch, get out the way"
There are few things more frustrating than someone trying to rub noses with your backside. Some do it for the thrill, some are just road bullies who do it to intimidate less experienced drivers, while others do it in the hopes of re-enacting the Fast and the Furious.
On the flip side, you could be the one hogging the road and they might just be signalling for you to get out of the way. That said, if the driver behind is getting all up in your grille (so to speak), just give way and carry on with your journey.

change lanes

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4. "You changing lanes? Nope, not today, pal."
Have you ever signalled your intention to change lanes when the douchebag on the other lane suddenly floors it and prevents you from doing so? Calling that annoying would be an understatement.
So what do you do when this happens? It can be pretty tempting to flip the driver off but that would only raise your blood pressure. And besides, it's pointless to get all riled up at a driver you'll probably never run into again.
If this happens to you in the future, don't sweat it. Hang back, let them do their thing, and just wait for your next opportunity to do a lane change.

Fall down

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5. "Waiting in line is for suckers, I can just 'cut queue'."
Queueing is an inevitable part of Singaporean life. 'Cutting queue', on the other hand, is not. There will always be that one person, or several, who thinks they're really smart and will head all the way to the front just to cut in at the last minute in order to avoid waiting in line.
Granted, jumping the queue will cut short your waiting time. But at what cost? Pissing off the long line of drivers who have been waiting patiently for their turn? Or putting other road users in danger? You're not a genius, you're just a smartass.


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6. "I don't need to signal. I just need to cut in and someone will give way to me."
There's a running joke about the redundancy of signal lights on BMW cars. But that doesn't apply to just BMW drivers. Many drivers, regardless of make and model, tend to be either too lazy to flick their signal stock into position or think that it's dorky to signal.
Whatever the case may be, don't assume that everyone is a mind reader like Professor X. Sudden lane changes or turns without warning are a one-way ticket to forfeiting your No-Claim Discount. And if you cut in front of someone without signalling your intentions, the least you can do is wave to apologise or say thank you if they give way.


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7. "Thank yous and apologies are for pansies."
It's funny how some drivers are quick to give others the bird but can't find it within themselves to wave as a sign of thanks or apology. This usually happens (or doesn't happen) when these uncouth, ill-mannered ingrates force their way into a gap the size of a penny during traffic jams or head to the front to jump the queue.
If you can flip someone off, why can't you wave to say thanks? It's a simple gesture that won't give you any muscle cramps and will most likely defuse the tense situation you just put yourself in.

better driver

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8. "I'm a better driver than half of you losers out here."
Anger management, road rage, road bullies. The struggle is real. There's a special breed of driver whose sole purpose in life is to show off their 'amazing' driving skills. These drivers weave in and out of traffic for the thrill, blind others with their HID high beams, and tailgate or brake check just to instigate an impromptu race with another car.
There's nothing much you can do in these situations, to be honest, considering the erratic nature of these drivers. Your best bet is to stay as far away from them as possible.


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9. "Is it raining? Oh wait, it's just your wiper spray."
Watermarks left behind by rain, bird poop, and random stains on your windscreen can be an eyesore. They are, however, unavoidable and will not significantly affect your road visibility. If you can, try to refrain from using your wiper spray while driving, especially if the car behind you is relatively close by.
It'll leave watermarks on their windscreen and bonnet, and probably force them to activate their wiper sprays as well. Consider this, if I wanted a car wash, I would have done it myself.


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10. "I have no idea what I'm doing but it'll be fine."
The old saying in the army 'Act blur, live longer' does not apply to driving. On the contrary, being a blur sotong could land you in some serious trouble. Many newbie drivers, this includes P-plate and non-P-plate drivers, are unfamiliar with the unspoken rules of the road and tend to be easy targets for road bullies.
Some drivers, who are going straight at a junction, tend to take lanes that split in two directions (straight and right turn, for example). This is not illegal by any means. However, it does irritate the driver behind when they want to turn on a green arrow but can't because you're going straight.
Other common traits of indecisive/inexperienced drivers include not knowing where to turn or exit, swerving when another car speeds past them on the next lane, forgetting to switch on their head lights at night, leaving their high beams on and blinding the driver in front, as well as not paying attention and holding up traffic when a red light turns green.