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Text | Idris Talib
Photos | Low Fai Ming

9 November 2018
Being a comfortable daily driver for the professional, as well as fitting the needs of the family, the Maxus G10 Executive covers all bases.

As a family man in the professional world, finding a single car that fits all bases is not easy. There is the executive sedan, which will present itself well in the Central Business District (CBD), but it doesn't excel when it comes to space - something an MPV will excel very well in.

Thus, it's not hard to see why we are seeing more MPVs on the roads over the years. One perfect example is the Maxus G10 Executive. Brought in by Cycle & Carriage, it is the answer for those looking for a large luxury MPV that fits the professional worker without compromising on space and without having to pay a premium price tag for it.
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The mobile office

Before even talking about the space the G10 Executive provides, it needs to function well as a car for the daily work commute.

The G10 Executive carries itself well in this regard. It has an executive level of equipment, with an interior that can almost function like a mobile office.
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Have an important e-mail to send out but your laptop is out of juice? Not to worry. The G10 Executive sports a three-pin plug for you to charge up.

Bringing out your colleagues for lunch or fetching clients around is no issue, too. With the huge amount of space, plush seats and business-like black interior, you can be rest assured they will be left with a good impression. Plus, the G10 Executive's comfort-oriented suspension rides well, too.
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While a big vehicle often comes with some downsides, such as manoeuvrability and speed pick ups, the G10 Executive doesn't break a sweat. With a 360 all-around view camera, those tight parallel lots in CBD car parks are easy to negotiate. Besides, having a decent 2.0-litre turbocharged powerplant that's mated to a smooth six-speed automatic transmission makes the G10 Executive pretty brisk and linear on the go.
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Maximising time with the family

Speaking of on the go, the practicality of a big MPV is always a bonus. Aside from having more seats, the added space and functionality help a lot when you're fully laden with barang-barang for a day out with your family.
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The G10 Executive will swallow whatever you throw at it. Don't worry about bottoming out the suspension when fully-laden with people and cargo, as the Maxus comes equipped with German-made Nivomat suspension. This helps level the car out when fully loaded without trading off its comfortable ride.

There is no need to drop down the seats for a bigger boot, too. With all seven seats occupied, the G10 still has a mind-boggling 2,500 litres of boot space. So after a picnic during the day, you still have enough space for your monthly groceries.
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The sense of space is further enhanced in the cabin with a panoramic sunroof. For entertainment, there is a rear LCD screen, and an ample amount of USB ports available - even in the rear. No need to reach out to the front seat to charge up before kicking back for a game of Mobile Legends.
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Bigger is always better

Although manufacturers today are commonly looking towards smarter ways of maximising space, such as flat folding seats and clever hidden compartments,we reckon the simple solution is just to add more space throughout.

On this note, the Maxus G10 Executive doesn't hide its size. More importantly, it doesn't pretend to be something it's not, which can often be the case when it comes to MPVs.

If you're looking for dynamism and driving abilities, go ahead and take a pick at the other executive sedans on offer. But if you're looking for a vehicle that can provide high levels of comfort and space for you and your passengers, the Maxus G10 Executive is your smartest bet.

At its price from $116,999 (as of 26 October 2018), nothing comes close to the Maxus.