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MINI was once known to make tiny, impractical cars but its model lineup has modernised and expanded, proving that anyone can and should own one at least once.

14 Dec 2018

My late grandfather once drove a Rover Mini from the swinging 60s and while I've never had the luxury of experiencing it, he never stopped talking about how great it was.

At the top end of the MINI performance spectrum is the zippy and snarly MINI John Cooper Works with a thumping 231bhp and 320Nm of torque
Sadly, despite the joy it brought to him, it had to make way for a growing family. And I suppose that's the case with a lot of people, having to give up their fun little rides for those with more doors.

But like our families, the MINI family, too, has today grown to a size of 15 variants, available locally. What was once a small economy car produced by the English-based British Motor Corporation, has since the year 2000 (under the BMW Group) become as iconic, but more practical and adaptable to all sort of drivers.

And despite the range now including convertibles, estates (although MINI markets the Clubman as a hatch) and even SUVs, there was never a time behind the wheel of any MINI that I've not come out smiling.

Need more stowage for your growing family? The MINI Clubman's total boot capacity of 1,250 litres will see to that
MINI but mighty

At the top of its game are models that bear the John Cooper Works badge, and the high level of performance it's associated with - even in said convertible, estate and SUV guise.

Whether it's the John Cooper Works Convertible, John Cooper Works Clubman or John Cooper Works Countryman, there is always a sense of urgency, a sense of rawness and a sense of racing heritage that is offered.

Best of all, the latter two models even offer enough space for a family of five and its belongings whether it's a trip to the beach or a visit up north to the Sepang International Circuit.

And if something as rowdy as a John Cooper Works isn't quite up your alley but you still want a vehicle that goes pretty quickly, MINI has the Cooper S models available in all body styles, too.

Top-down MINIs are available from base Cooper to John Cooper Works models
Younger buyers will most likely make beelines for the Cooper S hatch (a 5-Door is available too) and the Cooper S Convertible, while mummies and daddies who want to get to work on time and in style can opt for the Cooper S Clubman and Cooper S Countryman.

Either will provide the hallmark driver-focused characteristics MINI is known for, something that the BMW Group continues to lead the automotive scene in.

MINI is big on options

More importantly, for those who want a BMW-engineered car without the stereotypical BMW price tag, there's also the entry level One and Cooper models, which is offered as a three- and five-door hatch for the One, and across all body styles for the Cooper.

Whether it's decals, fender badging, wing mirror caps or wheels, there's a myriad of customisable options available by MINI
Every model offered by MINI can also be customised with a variety of interior and exterior options, to make your MINI truly yours. So anyone who's ever wanted a MINI, but held back for whatever reason, really shouldn't.

From cutesy entry-level One models to big, bad John Cooper Works-badged SUVs, there's a MINI for everyone and for every family.

Best of all, with more MINIs around, our roads will undoubtedly be brighter and happier. If he's watching from above, I’m sure my late grandfather would smile and agree, too.

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