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With its extreme size, extensive technology and exemplary drive, the first ever BMW X7 is larger than life.

10 Oct 2019

The first ever BMW X7 is the brand's new flagship SUV model. It brings with it a wealth of space, features and driving technology to deliver a truly impressive experience.

Here, we explore seven elements that make it larger than life.

1. X-tremely big grille

The extra large kidney grille emphasises the X7's width
The X7 features the largest every kidney grille ever designed for a BMW, and is probably in some ways its defining characteristic. After all, it's the first thing an onlooker will see (and the only thing as well, so the joke goes).

The large grille emphasises the car's width, and accentuates the car's overall imposing and impactful design.

2. X-pansive space

The cabin is highly spacious and highly configurable
Inside, the X7 is a full fledged seven-seater. With it's long, 3,105mm wheelbase and expansive cabin room, the X7 allows seven full-sized adults to sit comfortably.

But, it's not just the number of seats, either. With one-touch buttons allowing you to radically reconfigure the seating arrangement, the X7 also delivers a ton of flexibility when it comes to hauling cargo.

3. X-tensive technology

Ample safety technology ensures the safety of all occupants
With the X7, BMW has included just about every technology available in its arsenal. From the Reversing Assistant, Driving Assistant Professional and massage seats to Intelligent Personal Assistant, the X7 packs more technology that you will likely ever see and use.

These technologies combine to deliver the ultimate experience in terms of luxury, accessibility and connectivity.

4. X-treme comfort

The car demonstrates impeccable road manners and delivers ample comfort
On the road, the X7 truly excels when it comes to comfort. With its high ride height and supple suspension, the car is capable of effortlessly shrugging off any bumps in the road.

Additionally, electric active roll stabilisers help to reduce the pitch and roll of the car through corners, effectively disguising the overall height and weight of the car and allowing a more settled and composed drive. 

5. X-emplary drive

The X7 is nimble, agile and effortlessly easy to pilot
Powered by a buttery smooth and amply powerful 3.0-litre engine, the X7 is capable of rapid acceleration. Combine that with the instinctive steering and surprising agility, and the X7 becomes much more easy to drive than you expect from a car its size.

Thanks to its overall responsiveness, the X7 is effortlessly easy to use out on the road. 

6. X-pensive quality

Exquisite details speak to the overall quality of the car
The X7 also features exquisite detailing that exemplifies the overall quality of the car. These include the glass detailing available on the gear selector, volume control and rotary knob, as well as the Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof.

Beyond just equipment, the entire cabin of the X7 exudes quality - with high-quality materials, impeccable fit and finish and clearly though out design.

7. X-alted character

The first ever X7 delivers the ultimate BMW SUV experience
But, beyond just the features of the car, it is the X7's positioning that sets it apart. As the brand new flagship X model, the X7's exalted character brings together the best that BMW has to offer to deliver a truly first-class experience worthy of its pinnacle stature in the brand's lineup.

With the first ever X7, the manufacturer has crafted the ultimate BMW SUV experience - everything you could want and have, and a car that is truly larger than life.

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