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Text by Desmond Chan
Photos by Low Fai Ming

24 January 2020
The MCF Markdown with Skoda offered members a chance to drive the full Skoda lineup, headlined by the ever-popular Kodiaq.

Over 30 MyCarForum (MCF) members gathered at The Karting Arena located at The Grandstand at Turf Club Road on Saturday morning for the MCF Markdown with Skoda, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the full Skoda lineup of cars, as well as to try their hands at a little go-kart action.
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Whilst the unrelenting rain meant that members unfortunately could not head out onto the go-kart track, the event still provided a unique opportunity for everyone to get familiar with the whole lineup of Skoda cars.
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Headlining that lineup is the Skoda Kodiaq, the brand's best-selling model in Singapore. And, it's not hard to see why. For someone looking for 'utility' in a SUV, it's hard to look past the Kodiaq - it delivers plenty of space, equipment and refinement at a highly attractive price point, especially if you are in the market for a seven-seater.

Of course, there's also a model for everyone. With four different variants, you can be sure that there's a Kodiaq for you. At one end of the scale, you have the highly affordable 1.4 TSI Ambition Plus. At the other end of the scale, you have the fully featured Kodiaq 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement.
skoda talker
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Claire Jedrek and Yuey Tan, two of Singapore's premier motor racing drivers, were on hand during the event to share their experience driving their new family SUV - the Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement.

During a discussion panel, they highlighted that having welcome their second baby, their growing family and increasingly practical needs meant that they needed a car with plenty of space and safety features. The Kodiaq, with seven seats, nine airbags, an area-view camera and a host of other safety features, certainly manages to fulfil all their needs. Additionally, it is also highly useful when they need to ferry extra (and unexpected) passengers, which happens during race season and when they are hosting guests from overseas.

Additionally, Claire also highlighted that the hands-free tailgate is one of her favourite convenience features. It allows her to open the boot even when her hands are full with groceries, as is often the case.
karting arena
karting arena
With the couple steeped in motor racing pedigree, it's understandable that any car they drive must still deliver a compelling dynamic experience. With 177bhp and 320Nm of torque from the 2.0-litre engine, the Kodiaq is never short on speed. Also, thanks to the all-wheel drive system, electronic stability control and dynamic chassis control, the Kodiaq is amply capable of finding grip, whether on tarmac or otherwise.

Claire and Yuey proved as much, as they recently took their Kodiaq up to Malaysia for a bout of off-roading adventure. There, the Kodiaq was spacious enough to easily fit both of their mountain bikes, while the car's all-wheel drive system allowed them to easily tackle the dirt tracks along the way.

Also, one aspect of the Kodiaq that Yuey especially enjoys is the driving modes - out on the open road, the Sport mode firms up the cars suspension, increases steering weight and sharpens throttle response, allowing him to engage in spirited driving befitting of his racing credentials. It certainly makes his frequent journeys up to the Sepang International Circuit a much more fun and engaging experience.
track going action
track going action 2
In spite of the rain, members still managed to experience some track-going action - eight racing simulators ensured that everyone was still thoroughly occupied. The many youngsters in attendance were especially competitive when it came to sim racing, with one beating out Claire to take home a prize.

Members also has plenty of opportunity to test drive all of the Skoda models, including the Kodiaq, the Karoq, the Superb, the Octavia, as well as the Octavia RS 245. Of course, attractive prizes were given out during the MCF Hangout, with the lucky draw winner winning four The Karting Arena Grand Prix vouchers worth $110 each.
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Keen to test drive the Skoda Kodiaq, as well as any of the car's in Skoda's lineup? Click here to register your interest today!