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We look at the top five features that are truly mind-blowing about the Skoda Kamiq, and how they set it apart from its rivals.

23 Mar 2021

With the market already awash with compact crossovers, finding one with truly distinctive character can be difficult. Thankfully, the Skoda Kamiq comes with with plenty of cool features that will blow your mind.

We look at the top five that most impressed us here!

1. Singapore gets the high-powered variant

148bhp and 250Nm of torque from a 1.5-litre means the Kamiq rarely feels out of breath
All Kamiqs headed to Singapore are equipped with a turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder, as opposed to the weaker 1.0-litre unit available in other markets.

This more powerful engine option offers up a maximum output of 148bhp and 250Nm of torque which, when paired to the seven-speed dual-clutch, allows the Kamiq will finish the century sprint in just 8.3 seconds. That means that you'll be able to keep pace with some of the junior models of premium marques off the lights!

But if you're afraid of high running costs, don't sweat. Fuel consumption will stay decent even with this powerful engine. Thanks to Skoda's Active Cylinder Technology, which switches off two cylinders when power demand is low, you'll save on fuel costs when doing your regular errands, while still having plenty of power in reserve for more spirted weekend drives!

2. It is as big as Skoda could make it

You get up to 400 litres of boot space in the Kamiq thanks to its larger body, 15 litres more than the Volkswagen T-Cross
The Skoda Kamiq is built atop a stretched version of Volkswagen Group's MQB-A0 platform in order to give you maximum interior space.

With a total length of 4,241mm and a wheelbase of 2,651mm, the Kamiq offers upsized dimensions next to the Volkswagen T-Cross with which it shares its platform.

This means you're not only getting more car for your dollar, but also more space for everyday activities!

3. Strong safety systems come as standard

But space isn't all that's on offer with the MQB-A0 platform. You can also expect high levels of safety from the Kamiq.

A suite of safety systems will keep you safe in the Kamiq
This is because the platform utilises a large proportion of modern steel, which comprises up to 80% of its bodywork. The use of these steels gives the Kamiq a stiff body, ensuring heightened levels of passive safety should you get involved in a major accident. Skoda has also utilised these steels in areas key to passenger safety such as the A and B-pillars, as well as the bulkhead and transmission tunnel.

But that's not all to the Kamiq's safety suite. The Kamiq also sports a whole host of active safety systems to minimise your chance of getting into an accident in the first place.

These include Skoda's Front Assist with City Emergency Brake and a Rear-View Camera with Park Distance Control as standard, while higher trims will also get Lane Assist and Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert.

4. Split head lights - a first for Skoda

Split head lights are a distinctive design feature and house dynamic indicators on higher trim models
On the exterior, the Skoda Kamiq is the first Skoda to feature split LED head lights, with the LED daytime driving lights separate from the dipped beams.

And should you opt your Kamiq in the higher trims, more emphasis will be placed on those split head lights with the fitment of dynamic front and rear indicators, a feature usually found on premium cars!

5. You can get your with Monaco-inspired touches

Those that are itching for something to standout from the crowd also need not fret, for the Skoda Kamiq can be decked out with sporty touches thanks to the top-of-the-line 'Monte Carlo' trim.

Those red/black sports seats pair with the red paint finish well
Inspired by Skoda's historical triumphs in the world of rallying, the 'Monte Carlo' trim will net you plenty of trending touches including blacked out 'SKODA' lettering at the rear tailgate, as well as a front grille surround, side skirts, and a rear diffuser finished in gloss black.

You'll also get trim exclusive 'Monte Carlo' badging and some rather racy sports seats finished in a red/black combination, which complement the red exterior pretty well!

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