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Text | Goh Zhi Xuan
Photos | Low Fai Ming, Lexus

22 JULY 2021
The future of cars lies in electrification. Take that step forward with one of Lexus's full hybrid cars and enjoy luxurious comfort while saving the earth.

The whole world is pushing towards electrification - Singapore is aiming to phase out all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, while most car manufacturers are also planning to include some form of electrification on their line ups in the near future.

Electrification is a big step forward. What it means to the world, is the possibility of transportation that runs on clean energy with zero tailpipe emissions. However, for electric cars to fully replace internal combustion cars, there are many kinks to work out, such as charging infrastructures and battery life.

In the meantime, before the switch to the full electric future, hybrid cars are the best bet. Here's why.
Unsurpassed fuel efficiency

The hybrid systems in hybrid cars are able to assist the internal combustion engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Drivers of traditional internal combustion cars can expect massive fuel savings of around 40% when switching over to a full hybrid.

While there are also mild hybrids available in the market, these are usually only equipped with an integrated starter generator, which does little to aid the engine, often resulting in just minimal fuel efficiency gains.

If you want to go further with the same amount of fuel, full hybrids such as Lexus's range of full hybrid models are the undisputed choice. And with one, you don't have to worry about range anxiety or charging time like you would with electric cars - the electric drivetrain in a full hybrid is self-charging.
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Quiet, comfortable and refined driving experience

The powerful hybrid drivetrain found in Lexus's full hybrid cars are able to assist the internal combustion engine and help to torque fill as and when needed.

This results in a much lower load on the engine, reducing emissions, fuel consumption and noise. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine cars, a Lexus full hybrid does not have to strain out its engine in order to accelerate off the line.

As such, you can expect not just a powerful ride, but a smooth and refined drive. Coupled with Lexus's luxurious and quality build, you can expect nothing but the best driving experience.
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The power of choice

If you are searching for a specific car to fit your needs, you need not worry. Hybrid cars are now available in many different types, be it a Sedan or an SUV. Lexus is a brand that offers a hybrid variant for every model that it produces, giving you the power of choice when you purchase a hybrid.

If you are looking for a premium crossover, there are the UX 250h and the RX450h, both excellent choices that offers versatility and luxury. What if a sedan with sporty performance and equally good looks are what you want? Well, the IS 300h with its striking looks is definitely the one for you.

If you need a mid-size executive hybrid sedan, there's the ES300h. And if you want to travel in absolute luxury and stature, there's the LS500h that fits the bill.

In fact, if you are ready to go head-first into the latest electric cars, Lexus has got you covered with the all-electric UX 300e.
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Lexus - pioneer of hybrid electrification technology

Lexus has been pioneering electrification for over 15 years, leading the revolution to design dynamic, efficient, and durable vehicles that feel amazing. With its high-tech Lexus Hybrid Drive, Lexus full hybrid cars are able to offer an invigorating drive.

Moving off, under normal conditions, Lexus' full hybrid cars uses only the electric drive for a gentle and silent drive. While on the go, both the hybrid drivetrain and the engine work hand in hand to offer smooth, powerful acceleration and maximum efficiency.

As expected of a full hybrid, there is no need to worry about charging, the battery is charged while you drive and brake, offering a true seamless driving experience.
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A Lexus Hybrid is the best choice you can make

Lexus is a pioneer and leader in the hybrid car segment, offering some of the best hybrid cars that you can get. Along with performance, comfort, efficiency and stylish looks, with Lexus you get peace of mind as well.

There is no need to be concerned over battery lifespan as Lexus offers 10-year unlimited mileage hybrid battery warranty, along with 5 years of unlimited mileage warranty - the best assurance of its cars and technology.