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Protecting your car's paintwork doesn't have to be a complicated process, especially when left in the hands of the committed experts at Lambency Detailing.

05 Apr 2022

No one likes to walk up to a scratched up and botchy-looking car - especially not after we spend such exorbitant amounts on them. Whether or not you're conscious of it, though, this is the reality that hits most of us after we've driven them around for a good few years.

A certified and transparent solution to your paintwork woes can be found behind these doors
A variety of factors contributes to this. Firstly, with our erratic weather and humid climate, Singapore isn't the most hospitable host to the paintwork of our cars. Frequent use also exposes them to kicked-up dust, gravel and debris from the roads. Then, other natural elements also exist; park in the open under a tree and it's not uncommon to return and find parting gifts left behind by our feathered friends. 

Confronted with the inevitability of this unpleasant fate, you might be wondering about how you can possibly protect your car, and in the least bothersome manner too. Thankfully, a hassle-free, transparent and certified answer is right on our shores. 

Crystal clear: Comprehensive, complete information at your fingertips 

A great deal of effort has clearly been put into making the company's webpage comprehensive and easy to use 
Where does the process of getting your car's exterior back into tip-top condition start?

Most of us may assume that it's when you pull up to a workshop. While this may be true for the actual physical process, it technically all already begins when you're on the prowl for a name you can trust.

This often isn't the most pleasant activity. As with any form of aftermarket service, it's sometimes tedious and tiring for us drivers to decipher exactly what we need, especially when merchants don't maintain an online presence, or don't have all the information displayed clearly even if they do. 

Thankfully, such frustrations no longer need to exist with Lambency Detailing's fully-fledged and intuitive website. 

With just a few clicks, one can access a whole plethora of valuable information, such as having an upfront look at the rates charged by Lambency, understanding what their different services entail, as well as to arrange appointments with the team for the servicing.

Appointment bookings are a breeze with Lambency Detailing's system, which features an in-built calendar for you to check the availability of dates
Think of Chopeexcept now you're making a reservation not for your family to dine in, but for your car to enjoy some pampering. Apart from being able to select a timeslot immediately from a live calendar, Lambency's system even lets you know how long the session should take, allowing you to fit the appointment perfectly into your hectic schedule.

As its own in-house encyclopaedia of sorts, the team at Lambency also maintains a regularly updated Blog section on its website. This goes some depth into topics regarding detailing and paint protection so that customers first understand the services before signing up for them. 

For our first-time owners and millennial drivers out there especially, who may not be as well-versed with car care, the team's reliance on tools of the digital era offers a welcome respite of clarity while also bringing the aftermarket experience up to date. Crucially, it also evinces their dedication to making things more transparent for the customer. 

No compromises: Only quality products and equipment used, by the hands of well-trained experts 

The team is comprised of Expert Detailers certified by German brand SONAX, and commits to exclusively using its high quality products
While Lambency's unreserved embrace of the digital era is refreshingly modern, what is delightfully 'old school' is its commitment to quality. 

Matthew, one of the team's leaders, explains that only car care products from the long-standing German brand, SONAX, are used. Recently listed as one of Germany's "Brands of the Century", Lambency has purposefully chosen SONAX because of its decades-spanning position at the forefront of the car care industry. Even now, the German brand continues to refine the formulae of its ceramic coating for better results on the bodywork of a car. 

Naturally, handling these products most optimally also requires a level of experience and skill. To rise to this challenge, Lambency's team has also undergone personal training from SONAX itself, earning the title of Authorised Premium Dealer in the process. 

Premium equipment has to go hand-in-hand with quality products to ensure your car's paintwork is properly treated
A few of the team's members were recently even promoted to the status of 'Expert Detailers' - an exclusive and well-respected title conferred only upon those who have dutifully maintained their skills and high standards for more than three years. Accompanying this exclusive use of premium car care products, Lambency also makes sure to source its tools from another industry titan, Italian high-end equipment manufacturer, RUPES. 

In the hands of such attentive and skilled workers, who are then armed with the best equipment to match their skills, you can rest assured that your car will return to you in close-to-mint condition after being handled with the utmost precision and care. 

For every type of driver: Tailor-made for the individual and their car  

Based on individual needs and demands, a range of services can be arranged to make sure your car gets the care that it requires
When one considers the Lambency name's synonymy with excellent customer service, the team's commitment to quality and transparency is even more apparent. 

Browsing through reviews on sgCarMart Motor Directory site as well as on Lambency's Google and Facebook pages, it is immediately apparent that a large part of their five stars stems from the service-oriented nature of the team.

Part of the customer satisfaction comes from the fact that Lambency welcomes all car owners. Regardless of whether you drive a Honda Jazz or a BMW M5, individual packages can be worked out based on specific needs for your car that the team has identified, or on the level of work that you simply want to see carried out. After all, you don't need to have spent a million dollars on your car to feel an insatiable desire to keep it in pristine condition. 

In case you're still having doubts, the products used on your car are all out on display next to Lambency Detailing's cosy lounge
Furthermore, Lambency subscribes to a no-obligations approach with the evaluation of cars. Interested owners can drive down with their cars for the team to inspect and propose the extent of paint protection required at no cost, before deciding on whether they want to sign up for the service. 

The commitment to putting customers first continues even in the area of transparency in reviews. The company uses ProveSource to verify that the feedback displayed is genuine, and that every positive comment that comes in (there are, after all, many of them) is written by a customer who had actually enjoyed their service. 

A rapid rise, with even better years on the horizon  

Four years - that's all it has taken for Lambency to become a widely recognised name in the business 
It is no matter of coincidence or luck that Lambency Detailing has grown into one of the most recognised go-to names for paint protection services in Singapore, a mere four years since it was founded.

With the extreme detail (pun intended) its team pays to ensuring that it serves its clients with only the best quality car care, it goes without saying that the company will continue on its blazing path of excellence. And not just for another four years too, but far, far beyond. 

Protecting your paintwork starts from just $250 - get a quote now from Lambency's team!
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