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Fresh off its recent rebranding, we get up to speed with the team that was previously Select by PPSL to find out what's new - and what's hot - with the company.

12 Aug 2022

It's been a few years since we've caught up with Sime Darby Auto Selection… or has it? 

In case you're confused, Sime Darby Motors Singapore's used car business (located at 1 Ubi Road 4 and 305 Alexandra Road) has been rebranded to Sime Darby Auto Selection (SDAS). Soon, we can look forward to SDAS unveiling an integrated showroom experience where technology meets innovation.

The company's new name allows it to be more immediately recognised as part of Sime Darby Motors
Rebranding to Sime Darby Auto Selection was done in order to closer align the business with its powerful and long-standing parent, Sime Darby Motors - a major player in the automotive space which also commands a huge presence in Malaysia and other overseas markets.

While the fresh name allows the company to be more immediately recognised as part of Sime Darby's reputable family, the story doesn't end there. Rather, Sime Darby Auto Selection has steadily updated what it can offer over the years to satisfy an even wider base of customers.

All in one: Pre-owned car dealer with leasing options and direct purchase centre

The huge range of quality pre-owned cars is all the more appealing in the current COE climate 
Thanks to the trust and reliability the brand has built, Sime Darby Auto Selection has long been the go-to place for those shopping in the pre-owned car market. Over the years however, the company has increasingly diversified its strengths to arrive at a multi-faceted business that is more appealing than ever in today's COE climate.

Offering up customers a wide range of quality cars has always been one of the promises borne by SDAS. This promise carries even more weight now for the many out there who still desire a quality ride, given its routinely updated fleet which provides compelling alternatives to something brand new. 

Car leasing is another route provided by SDAS that could help some customers ride out the COE storm
Apart from selling pre-owned cars, SDAS now also offers the option of leasing to customers through its partnership with Hertz. Sime Darby Motors holds the franchise license to Hertz in Singapore - an internationally renowned name offering alternative mobility solutions. Through SDAS' partnership, customers can work through a host of leasing plans with the team to arrive at an arrangement that will suit their needs. Both existing and brand new vehicles are also at the customer's disposal. 

Beyond that, the company has also grown into what it calls a 'purchasing centre'.

SDAS prides itself on being one of the first purchasing centres in Singapore
Most dealers will only offer to buy your car under the condition of a trade-in. SDAS welcomes customers who are simply seeking to sell their vehicles without the purchase of a vehicle.

With the assistance of its in-house purchaser, customers can look forward to receiving accurate and instant valuation (within an hour) of their cars when transacting through SDAS.

As part of the company's push into new digital frontiers, the valuation process can even be carried out via an online form on its website.

Zooming in: What sets a big name like Sime Darby apart

The customer's experience is methodically handled by well-trained sales consultants in SDAS
Despite the size limitations of our car market, Singapore is awash with hundreds of players dealing in pre-owned cars. This does beg the question then: What sets a big name like Sime Darby apart?

A closer inspection of how SDAS fine-tunes every part of the car-buying process will show that the little details, put together, are actually very significant. 

For a start, the approach to the customer's experience is both responsible and methodical under SDAS' well-trained sales consultants. 

After being presented with potential models of interest, the customer will be offered a test drive of the car by their assigned sales consultant.

SDAS' connections with its parent ensures a healthy and diverse inventory of pre-owned cars 
In the scenario that a customer has a vehicle to trade-in, the in-house purchaser will then be able to instantaneously valuate it. 

The sales consultant will go through the financing details, insurance, and monthly instalments with the customer as part of the process. An estimated delivery timing will also be communicated. 

Furthermore, SDAS' connection with its parent ensures that a healthy and diverse inventory of pre-owned cars is constantly maintained in its showroom. The company also offers a "Request Model Wishlist" for customers looking for particular models - although it notes that this hasn't been tapped on since their range of cars is so varied it has satisfied its customers thus far.

'SDAS Approved': All cars undergo rigorous mechanical and exterior inspections before making their way into the showroom for customers
Customers can also buy with confidence knowing that all of SDAS' cars are certified, meaning that their condition is 'Approved' by its own network of authorised, Sime Darby-affiliated workshops. These deal with both the exterior as well as mechanical aspects of the car - to ensure they're as good to look at as they are to drive.

Thereafter, customers may also enjoy a warranty of 12 months or 25,000km, as well as other extended services such as 24/7 roadside assistance and servicing packages.

As Miss Grace Tan, General Manager of SDAS shares with us, "Our level of service, standard, and quality is very different. The experience is uniquely Sime Darby."

Every aspect reinforced by a strong and extensive network

Your search for quality starts right behind these doors
Regardless of whether you're interested in buying a quality pre-owned car, parting with your current vehicle, or leasing one to ride out the COE storm, SDAS offers a one-stop experience.

Tapping on the unparalleled wealth of experience and connections from the larger Sime Darby Motors helps the company to ensure this. It also gives customers the assurance that they're bound to find a solution that matches their transportation needs right here.

Sime Darby Auto Selection is located at No. 1 Ubi Road 4, Singapore 408607 and 305 Alexandra Road, #01-01 Singapore 159942. Customers interested in finding out more about all that SDAS has to offer may visit its website here.
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