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Attain peace of mind with CAR GROUP, your professional, one-stop solution to all your car buying needs with its knowledgeable team.

26 Oct 2022

CAR GROUP has had more than 20 years in the industry, offering services like insurance, leasing, hire purchase and vehicle maintenance for their corporate customers.

CAR GROUP is the only pre-owned commercial vehicle firm to offer warranty coverage for its commercial vehicles, giving its customers peace of mind after a purchase.

At CAR GROUP, expect to be able to shop from a wide range of vehicles
Besides a wide range of commercial vehicles for your selection, CAR GROUP customers will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of private vehicles, from the muscular BMW X6 to the more budget friendly yet economical Toyota Altis.

CAR GROUP also boasts a team with class leading service and knowledge levels. Staff are trained with relevant knowledge to sell a variety of cars, from petrol to electric ones. First time car buyers can put their minds at ease since they can ask CAR GROUP's staff on any uncertainties they may have.

Striving towards a greener Singapore, they carry a range of EVs in private vehicles and commercial vehicles as well. For EVs, they are able to advise customers on charging and maintenance, allowing them to transition from petrol/diesel cars to electric ones, stress free.

CAR GROUP prides itself on maintaining a high level of customer service standards and satisfaction
Electric vehicles chargers are also available for purchase from CAR GROUP. This makes the transition easier, since customers can purchase an electric car concurrently with an electric charger from CAR GROUP.

All these initiatives, as well as the firm's sustained strength in maintaining its high customer service standard, has given it a reputation to be the go to place for buying cars.

If you want to experience a wide choice of cars, and experience class leading levels of service, why not head over to CAR GROUP? The firm is located at 39 Woodlands Close, #07-K1, [email protected], Singapore (737856), with opening hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

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