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Polestar 2 first to feature infotainment system by Android Automotive OS
29 Jul 2020
The Polestar 2 is the first car to launch an infotainment system by Android Automotive OS, giving users new ways to enjoy streaming on the go.
Volvo reports financial results for first half of 2020
23 Jul 2020
Volvo reports impacted financial results for first half of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and expects strong recovery in second half.
Volvo On Call app shows driving patterns for plug-in drivers
15 Jul 2020
Volvo On Call smartphone application gives drivers of plug-in hybrids insight into their electric driving patterns.
Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in blockchain technology firm Circulor
13 Jul 2020
Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the company's venture capital investment arm, invests in blockchain technology firm Circulor.
Polestar to be founding partner for World EV Day
05 Jul 2020
Polestar joins Green.TV and ABB as a founding partner for World EV Day to promote electric mobility and lead for change.
First customer shipment of the Polestar 2 lands in Europe
29 Jun 2020
The first customer shipment of the Polestar 2 electric performance fastback has landed in Europe, and is scheduled to reach customers in August.
Polestar launches global design contest
24 Jun 2020
Polestar's global design contest will give winning contestants the opportunity to work with its designers to bring their creations to life.
Volvo gains two additions to its global design team
10 Jun 2020
Volvo has recently welcomed two new additions to its global design team, with Claudia Braun and Thomas Stovicek joining the company's design operations.
Volvo's Chengdu plant runs only on renewable energy
08 Jun 2020
Volvo Cars manufacturing plant in Chengdu, the company's largest in China, is now powered by 100% renewable electricity.
Every Volvo to come with 180km/h speed limit and Care Key
21 May 2020
Starting from 20 May 2020 onwards, all Volvo models will come with a 180km/h speed limit and a Care Key that can further limit the car's speed.
Polestar and CAKE strengthen brand partnership in Europe
13 May 2020
Polestar and CAKE, both young Swedish companies, are strengthening their brand partnership in Europe since collaboration began in 2019.
Volvo partners with Luminar to develop self-driving
10 May 2020
Volvo partners with tech firm Luminar to provide their LiDAR perception technology for safer self-driving vehicles.
Polestar's U.K. R&D team celebrates its first anniversary
04 May 2020
Polestar U.K. celebrates the first anniversary of its Research and Development team, first formed in May 2019.
Polestar 2 to match performance with high safety
02 May 2020
Polestar 2 will match electric performance with high levels of safety as safety is of paramount for the Volvo subsidiary.
Volvo reopens its Torslanda plant and Swedish offices
27 Apr 2020
Volvo will be reopening its Torslanda manufacturing plant and offices in Sweden following a short period of suspension.