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Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance in Singapore (2021)
Here's all you need to know to find the best insurance for your car: we help you understand the types of coverage, terms like NCD & excess, how they affect your premiums and more.
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Great eastern car insurance authorised repair & claims workshops in singapore
09 Jun 2022
Great Eastern Drive and Save Plus car insurance has pretty attractive benefits for your consideration. It also has many reputable workshops pegged to its policy!
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Tribecar's Tribeshield allows you to car-share in peace, with reduced financial burdens in the event of an accident
29 Apr 2022
Car-sharing is an affordable option, but you might get a shock when you take a closer look at the insurance excess! (For most providers at least).
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Randall Tan, Tribecar | 7,340 views | Features
sgCarMart Star Merchant Awards 2022 - Full winners list revealed
22 Mar 2022
sgCarMart recognises a few workshops for their outstanding performance in the aftermarket sector. See which firms clinched our awards here!
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Are Conti cars (European) really safer than JDM/Japanese cars and Korean cars?
19 Mar 2022
In Singapore, most of us perceive Conti cars as higher-class and safer than the typical Japanese cars and Korean cars, but are they?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Newspress, Low Fai Ming | 14,536 views | Car Buying Advice
As social restrictions eased, fatal road accidents in Singapore also increased in 2021
15 Feb 2022
Nonetheless, excluding the outlier-year of 2020 when restrictions were at their peak, the general situation on our roads appears to be improving just slightly.
Get the latest Korean-made dashcams at the Marbella 12.12 sale
10 Dec 2021
All two-channel cameras purchased as part of the 12.12 sale will come with installation, an 18-month extended warranty, and a 64GB MicroSD card all included!
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You don't need a car workshop for these seven simple routine checks
02 Nov 2021
Save a trip to the car workshop and perform these routine checks that all car owners should know how to do by themselves.
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Should you engage the help of 'third-party claims specialists' touting at accident scenes?
22 Oct 2021
All you need to know about the third-party claims specialists, also known as Ba Kias, who often ply the roads looking for accidents to offer their services.
Editorial Team, Photos by Newslink, Design Team, SG Road Vigilante | 12,889 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Get insured against COVID-19 when you ride with comfortDelGro
20 Oct 2021
ComfortProtect grants taxi passengers protection against personal accidents and even COVID-19, from just $0.30 per ride!
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Be careful around trucks - they can squash you like an ant
20 Sep 2021
Pit yourself against an oversized, heavy machinery and you are bound to be at the losing end - regardless whether you are in the right, or wrong.
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Drivers, don't leave home without these six essential items for your car
12 Aug 2021
Drivers should fully enjoy the convenience of driving. Hence, here are 6 essential items to get you out of a fix and ensure a pleasant driving experience.
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NTUC Income Car Insurance authorised repair & claims workshops in Singapore
18 Jun 2021
Car insurance under NTUC Income? We've collated a list of authorised dealer workshops where you can do your repairs and make your claims with zero hassle.
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You and three other buddies will soon be able to take the same PHV or taxi
11 Jun 2021
The LTA has announced that it will lift the two passenger limit for taxis and PHVs, in line with the new restrictions on permitted group sizes.
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Volvo and Martin Schoeller spotlights crash survivors at photo exhibit
29 Mar 2021
Volvo and photographer Martin Schoeller have come together to showcase survivors of car accidents because of Volvo's invention of the three-point seatbelt.
Winners of sgCarMart Star Merchant Awards 2021
18 Mar 2021
Presenting the winners of the sgCarMart Star Merchant Awards for 2021, recognising merchants who have provided stellar services to their customers and clients.
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