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The Candela C-8 is an electric hydrofoil powered by the batteries of the Polestar 2
19 Jan 2023
Polestar and Candela have revealed a new C-8 electric hydrofoil, which gets its power from the same battery and charging technology as the Polestar 2.
Continental appoints UAS as battery distributor here in Singapore
17 Jan 2023
United Automobile Services has been appointed by Continental as its national battery distributor here in Singapore.
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Nissan prioritises safety on the Ariya
29 Dec 2022
Nissan has increased safety testing on the Nissan Ariya to ensure that it has zero compromises when it comes to safety.
5 signs your car battery may need replacing
16 Dec 2022
Not sure how to tell if your car battery is about to fail? We look at five of the top clues is this short video feature!
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Vauxhall has updated the Mokka Electric with a new 54kWh battery
16 Dec 2022
Vauxhall has updated its Mokka Electric with a new battery, which offers even more power while improving on efficiency.
BYD makes electric cars, commercial vehicles, and so much more
17 Nov 2022
Apart from being one of the largest electric car makers, BYD also makes commercial vehicles, electronics, renewable energy, and has a role in rail transit, too.
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How to maintain your car and avoid expensive repairs
18 Oct 2022
Here are key things you should look out for during your regular servicing to avoid expensive repairs further down the line.
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Car Review - Kia Niro Hybrid 1.6 SX (A)
10 Oct 2022
Kia's Niro Hybrid now has a futuristic yet approachable look, and the largest gripe some had with its predecessor has also been fixed.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Desmond Chan | 8,620 views | Kia Reviews
Kia creates second life battery energy storage systems from used EV batteries
09 Sep 2022
Kia Europe has partnered with Deutsche Bahn to create second life battery energy storage systems, which see former Kia batteries dismantled and reassembled.
Video Review - Porsche Taycan Electric Performance Battery 79 kWh (A)
06 Sep 2022
With high comfort, and engaging steering, and the performance to match, the Porsche Taycan is the all-round performance electric car to get.
Clarence Seow | 2,640 views | Porsche Reviews
Local electric vehicle and last mile delivery sector to get innovation boost
04 Sep 2022
New initiatives to boost the local electric vehicle and last mile delivery sector have been announced at the LTA's Land Transport Industry Day.
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Toyota invests $3.5 billion in battery manufacturing plant
02 Sep 2022
Toyota announced its investment into the Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina facility which is part of its $98 billion grand plan for electrification
Honda and LG form venture for EV battery production in the U.S.A
30 Aug 2022
Honda and LG have formed a joined venture to produce lithium-ion batteries in the U.S.A to power Honda and Acura EV models.
Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Awards 2022 - Best aftermarket products for your car
22 Aug 2022
From tyres to car care products and even in-car entertainment systems, Sgcarmart Drivers' Choice Award 2022 showcases the best aftermarket products of the year!
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Car Review - Mercedes-Benz EQS Electric EQS450+ AMG Line 107.8 kWh (A)
19 Aug 2022
The new EQS stands out for its refinement, comfort and luxurious nature - core Mercedes competencies made better with electrification.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 12,054 views | Mercedes-Benz Reviews