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Buying one of these cars is cheaper than a short term car rental
11 May 2022
If you aren't sure of committing to a long term car ownership, you could give it a try with one of these used cars that are perfect for short term drives.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 32,195 views | Car Buying Advice
Overwhelmed by your new car's endless list of safety features? It's all in the regulation
06 May 2022
Out of pity and intrigue at Dacia's (and one Renault's) poor showings at Euro NCAP recently, we try to concretise what a safe car means to the industry today.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Design Team, Manufacturers, ASEAN NCAP, Euro NCAP | 6,037 views | Features
Budget 2022: From BMWs to Lamborghinis, 220% ARF tax rate to drive up prices of luxury cars
18 Feb 2022
Cars like the BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, as well as Ferraris, McLarens and Lamborghinis, will see their prices increase significantly with the new ARF structure.
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Car sharing in Singapore: Let's talk about insurance for drivers
31 Aug 2021
As a car sharing driver in Singapore, you need to understand what sort of insurance coverage the car sharing company provides you with and whether you're truly protected.
Text by Russell Oon, Images by Newslink and Stock Images | 13,379 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Car sharing in Singapore - a guide by a car sharing driver
21 Jul 2021
Need a car, but don't own one? Here are some tips to take note of for the car sharing driver by a car sharing driver.
Text by Russell Oon, Images by Newslink and Stock Images | 10,156 views | Miscellaneous Advice
These are the most powerful CAT A cars you can buy now
18 Jun 2021
Want to save money on COE with a CAT A car, but unwilling to sacrifice power? Here are the cars at the ceiling of the CAT A power restriction.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Manufacturers | 68,728 views | Features
Tyres are crucial to your safety, get them replaced by professionals you trust
17 Jun 2021
Need a new set of tyres? Leave it to the professionals at Borneo Motors and Champion Motors to sort it out - you deserve to drive with peace of mind.
Goh Zhi Xuan | 11,925 views | Features
Great Singapore Sale 2021 - amazing discounts and freebies you should not miss
08 Jun 2021
The Great Singapore Sale is around the corner. Here's a consolidated list of ongoing promotions and freebies all car owners can take advantage of!
Clarence, Photos by MD | 4,391 views | Features
Public transport subsidies under the spotlight in budget debate
05 Mar 2021
The financial sustainability of our local public transport has fallen into the spotlight at the budget debates in Parliament.
Local News | 1,034 views | MRT News
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No more new diesel cars, taxis in Singapore from 2025
04 Mar 2021
Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung has announced that no more new diesel cars and taxis will be allowed to be registered in Singapore from 2025.
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Fuel duty to be raised with immediate effect
16 Feb 2021
The local petrol duty will be raised with immediate effect as part of the recently announced Budget 2021 adjustments.
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Comparison - Hyundai Avante & Mazda 3 Sedan & Toyota Corolla Altis
26 Jan 2021
Is the new Hyundai Avante the new standard to meet, or will the Mazda3 Sedan and Toyota Corolla Altis still prove to be compelling choices?
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 41,035 views | Hyundai Reviews
The only car rental guide you'll ever need
10 Dec 2020
Keen to get a cheap car rental but don't know how and what to expect? This beginner's guide to car rental services in Singapore is all you need.
Text by Alexandra Cheung, Photos by Newslink and Stock images | 14,286 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Audi increases its budget for electromobility up to 2025
04 Dec 2020
With this investment, Audi plans to strengthen itself for the upcoming transformation to a provider of networked and sustainable premium mobility.
Want cheap car insurance? Don't auto-renew your car insurance!
01 Sep 2020
Don't let yourself get automatically billed especially with the ever-rising car insurance renewal fees. Want cheaper car insurance? Compare new car insurance quotes online today.
Text by Alexandra Cheung, Photos by Newslink | 5,206 views | Car Ownership Advice