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Car Club Singapore is making car sharing safer and more rewarding with AI technology
24 May 2021
Non-members can download and register in the app for a special $20 discount for their first reservation. This offer will be valid from now till 30 June.
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Audi e-tron 55 added to Audi on Demand car sharing service
20 May 2021
Those that make a booking for the e-tron over three continuous days on the car sharing platform will enjoy a special rate of $888.
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GetGo carsharing service shuns all pre-deposits and credit top ups
29 Apr 2021
The popular carsharing service GetGo has decided to abandon any membership fees and pre-deposits on its platform to give its users the ultimate peace of mind.
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How Tribecar saved my job and more - for less than $50
09 Apr 2021
Find out how one of our writers managed to get himself out of a near-hopeless situation by car sharing with Tribecar!
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GetGo carsharing service launches in Singapore
25 Feb 2021
GetGo carsharing service launches in Singapore with a 400-strong fleet and plans to become the largest carsharing platform here by the end of the year.
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Volvo launches an innovation portal to help other developers create better cars
15 Feb 2021
Volvo has launched an innovation portal that allows developers who aren't from Volvo to share ideas and thoughts on how cars can be made better and safer.
Goldbell announces its acquisition of BlueSG
05 Feb 2021
The announcement of Goldbell's proposed acquisition of BlueSG marks its major entry into the competitive B2C future mobility market.
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CL Leasing - the first choice for all your car rental needs
30 Dec 2020
Whether you need a car for a day's outing or for a much longer term usage, CL Leasing has you covered with its large fleet of young and reliable cars.
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Should you rent or purchase your next car?
11 Dec 2020
Juggling between renting or buying your car? We look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision!
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The only car rental guide you'll ever need
10 Dec 2020
Keen to get a cheap car rental but don't know how and what to expect? This beginner's guide to car rental services in Singapore is all you need.
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Shariot car sharing service launches in Singapore
11 Oct 2020
The new car sharing service will roll out an expected fleet of over 250 vehicles in more than 85 locations across Singapore.
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BlueSG reaches one millionth rental
11 Aug 2020
Electric-car sharing service BlueSG has announced that it has reached its one millionth rental since launching its car-sharing programme in 2017.
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Best car sharing rental options for 2021 (latest prices)
16 Jun 2020
Enjoy cheaper hourly car rentals with these ongoing promotions. Here's your 2021 guide to the best budget car rental promotions in Singapore.
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Car Club offers the safer car sharing option
22 May 2020
Looking at car-sharing options in our current climate? Car Club offers a solution that prioritises safety, cleanliness, and much more.
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Car Club Giveaway - Up to $200 of Rental Credits and a Car Camera to be won
16 May 2020
Take part in our May sgCarMart contest by answering questions about Car Club and stand a chance to win up to $200 worth of Car-Sharing Credits and a Car Camera!
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