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Our top 10 picks of the 2023 Singapore Motor Show
13 Jan 2023
The Singapore Motor Show is back and there are gorgeous cars aplenty to check out. These 10 cars, however, are the ones you should have a second look at.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 15,525 views | Features
12 cars you shouldn't miss at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show on your first walk
13 Jan 2023
From potential mass market bestsellers, to performance machines, and even cars you won't be able to buy, here are 12 cars not to miss at the 2023 Motor Show.
Clarence Seow and Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 23,359 views | Features
Hyundai joins the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration as its first official sponser
20 Nov 2022
The Korean company is now the official automotive sponsor for the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration which takes place next year.
Aston Martin celebrates 100th anniversary of first Grand Prix racing
25 Jul 2022
Aston Martin celebrates 100 years of Grand Prix racing with the TT1 'Green Pea', a historic race car with Sebastian Vettel.
Ford becomes first firm to make parts from 100% recycled plastic
30 Dec 2021
Ford claims the new wiring clips make it the first manufacturer to make automotive parts from 100% recycled plastic from the sea.
Volkswagen's ID.4 is first production-based EV to complete NORRA Mexican 1000 race
10 May 2021
This achievement demonstrates the Volkswagen EV powertrain's ability to operate in incredibly demanding conditions.
Renault provides the Renault Zoe for an entire French town's residents
28 Jul 2020
Renault has enabled an entire town in France to go electric with a new Zoe for all of its residents for three years.
Over 100 PMD users warned on the first day of footpath ban
06 Nov 2019
The LTA said it has issued more than 100 warnings as of 5:00pm, on the first day that a ban of e-scooters from footpaths kicked in.
Local News | 2,070 views | LTA News
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More than 100 BlueSG rentals in first three hours of launch
14 Dec 2017
Around 2,000 people have signed up as BlueSG users since last week, with more than 100 rentals in the first three hours after it was launched.
Local News | 1,592 views | Other News
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