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After nearly three years, GrabShare will return in 'beta' version over the festive period
11 Jan 2023
The ride-sharing service was halted in Feb 2020, as authorities raced to contain the COVID outbreak in Singapore. This will mark its first return since.
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Gojek imposes new waiting time charge
19 Sep 2022
Gojek has announced that it is imposing a new waiting charge if drivers are made to wait more than an initial four-minute grace period.
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GrabRentals's Toyota fleet to get Total-Care Service till 2025 after extended partnership with Borneo Motors Singapore
02 Aug 2022
The exclusive partnership between GrabRentals and Borneo Motors Singapore to be extended until 2025, ensuring safer journeys for drivers.
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You'll be seeing a lot more BYD e6s on the road soon
29 Mar 2022
Two bulk orders of the electric MPV have been made just this month, including 100 vehicles by ComfortDelGro and another 500 by a private-hire operator.
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Grab partners with Secura to offer training courses for its partners to enter the security sector
21 Feb 2022
An additional 200 job opportunities are available for those that complete courses and demonstrate an interest in the security sector.
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The probable sales gap between the 2016 and 2021 Vezels shows that car releases in Singapore are all about timing
07 Oct 2021
Arriving only 5 years later, and amidst changing market winds and a COE price resurgence, the latest Vezel stands little chance of replicating 2016's success.
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MOM to look into strengthening protections for delivery riders, PHV and taxi drivers
15 Sep 2021
Around 79,000 people worked with matching platform companies in 2020. An advisory committee by MOM will now look into strengthening protections for them.
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SMRT's new electric taxis are more important than we may realise
16 Aug 2021
With its status as a local transport giant, SMRT's incoming electric taxis promise more than meets the eye for drivers all over Singapore.
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Grab one of SMRT's upcoming electric taxis and you could save on your fare
09 Aug 2021
Transport group SMRT has announced that its first electric taxis, comprising of MG5s, will reach Singapore by August 2021.
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Grab launches new financial literacy programme
04 Aug 2021
Grab Singapore's new financial literacy programme will cover topics from budgeting and saving, to loans, credit, and insurance.
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Grab unveils its 2030 Transport Sustainability Goal
08 Jul 2021
The JustGrab Green pilot initiative and Green Programme will offer consumers convenient ways to reduce their emissions.
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Grab announces initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint
23 Jun 2021
Grab revealed that users will soon be able to reduce their environmental footprint via the app's carbon offset feature, and plans to work closely with Hyundai.
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Gojek cuts service fees after Grab announces fare hike
14 Jun 2021
Gojek digs into its own pockets to launch a slew of initiatives to aid its driver partners, right after Grab declares a fare hike.
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Grab to charge higher fares come June, but there's no reason to complain just yet
25 May 2021
The ride-hailing platform states that the entirety of the fare hike will go towards raising the earnings of its driver-partners.
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New measures for commuters during Heightened Alert Period
16 May 2021
Taxis and private hire cars will not be able to carry more than two passengers, while commercial car-pooling services will be suspended.
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