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LTA to E-scooter and PAB riders: Apply for your mandatory tests now
14 Jun 2021
Passing the respective tests will become compulsory come 1 January 2022, but you'll want to apply now if you're thinking of riding.
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E-scooter mandatory test to start from $5
12 May 2021
E-scooter and PAB riders can now looking forward to forking out $5 for their mandatory theory tests, and another $10 for every re-try after the second.
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No amount of theory tests for e-riders will be enough to make our roads safer
06 May 2021
The mandatory theory test is yet another measure aimed at coercing obedience on our shared roads. Is that enough to create safer roads for all users?
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Mandatory theory test a long time coming for e-bike riders
30 Apr 2021
Electric scooter and electric bicycle riders will soon need to pass a mandatory online test if they wish to continue riding their devices.
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Mandatory tests for e-scooters and e-bike riders
05 Mar 2021
Mandatory theory tests for e-scooter and electric bicycle riders will begin from the middle of this year to ensure all riders know the prevailing rules.
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