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7 ways to reduce car running costs
15 Aug 2020
Cars are inherently expensive, any savings will be beneficial to drivers, here are 7 tips to help you reduce your car's running costs.
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Nissan to accept electricity as payment for parking at the Nissan Pavilion
01 Aug 2020
Electric vehicle drivers will be able to discharge power from their car's battery pack to pay for parking while visiting the Nissan Pavilion exhibition space.
New Kia Sorento eliminates blind spots with digital display
12 May 2020
The all new Kia Sorento eliminates driver blind spots with its blind spot view mirror displayed on a digital display.
Porsche announces partnership with Marina Bay Sands
07 Feb 2020
Porsche's partnership with Marina Bay Sands will see the two brands working together to create exceptional lifestyle experiences for their clients.
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Audi to build charging facilities at its plants
21 Jan 2020
By the middle of 2022, Audi will equip one in 10 parking spaces at its plants with charging facilities, most of which will be accessible to the public.
Hamburg and Continental agree on mobility partnership
25 Oct 2019
Hamburg has signed a partnership agreement with the technology company Continental for future development of urban mobility.
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More following shared-bike parking rules
15 Oct 2019
The number of trips ending in indiscriminate bicycle parking has fallen significantly from 44% to 13% since the introduction of the QR code parking system.
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Bosch and Daimler obtain the world's first approval for driverless parking
26 Jul 2019
Automated valet parking at the Mercedes-Benz Museum is the world's first fully driverless SAE Level Four parking function to be approved by authorities.
BMW Group and Daimler AG cooperate on developing automated driving
07 Jul 2019
BMW Group and Daimler AG will jointly develop next-generation of driver assistance systems, automated driving on highways and automated parking.
Stiffer fines for parking offences, such as tailgating at carparks, from 1 July
24 Jun 2019
Motorists who flout the law will face stiffer fines for parking offences from 1 July, following a review by the HDB and URA.
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Four stellar technologies in the new BMW 3 Series
24 Jun 2019
The BMW 3 Series has always offered a super sporty drive but with the new generation model, it now also has several technological tricks up its sleeve.
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We love the 'Saman Aunty', here's why you should too
28 Mar 2019
'Saman Aunty' - the one that we all love to hate, for she is the reason we have to pay fines. But she's just doing her job, maybe we should cut her some slack?
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Free parking on a workday so you can spend more on food!
12 Feb 2019
Fretting over where to have your lunch on a workday? Here are some places that are not only in the vicinity of good food, but also offer free parking!
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Foreign vehicles with outstanding fines may be denied entry from 1 April
02 Feb 2019
Beginning in April, foreign vehicles with outstanding fines for traffic, parking or vehicular emissions offences could be denied entry to Singapore.
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Hyundai Motor Group reveals Automated Valet Parking System
06 Jan 2019
Hyundai Motor Group unveiled a video featuring the concept of electric vehicle wireless charging system with the Automated Valet Parking System.