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Say goodbye to honking at pedestrians with Nissan's Canto technology
18 Jul 2021
Canto generates artificially simulated driving sounds, alerting road users to the electric vehicle's presence in a pleasant manner.
Code of conduct not intended to police how people walk
11 Aug 2020
Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng has clarified that pedestrians will not be policed based on how they walk under the new pedestrian code of conduct.
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Code of conduct for pedestrians rolled out
05 Aug 2020
The first-ever code of conduct here involving pedestrians has been rolled out in order to foster a safer and more responsible path-sharing environment.
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Road accidents involving pedestrians aged over 60 rose in first half of 2019
28 Sep 2019
More pedestrians aged 60 and above were involved in road accidents and died in the first six months of this year compared to 2018.
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Motorised PMDs far riskier than manual ones: Study
23 Jul 2019
A study by a trauma specialist here has shown that motorised personal mobility devices trebled the risk of severe injury compared with non-motorised devices.
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Divided views on PMDs leading to low graciousness on the road
10 Jul 2019
While a majority of personal mobility device users believe they are considerate towards pedestrians, other road users think otherwise.
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Jaywalking accidents up 21 percent in first half of the year
11 Oct 2017
The number of accidents involving jaywalking pedestrians rose by 21 percent in the first half of this year, said the police on Wednesday 11th October.
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Active Mobility Bill passed - Focuses on safety of pedestrians
11 Jan 2017
When the new law goes into force later this year, bicycles and PMDs such as e-scooters, can travel on public paths, together with pedestrians.
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Building plans to take in needs of pedestrians, cyclists from July
04 May 2016
Building developers will soon be required by the LTA to build facilities such as bicycle parking, shower rooms and lockers.
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Pedestrians' safety important in proposed code of conduct for mobility devices
18 Mar 2016
Bicycles and personal mobility devices may be recommended to be allowed on footpaths, but the code of conduct proposed also contains rules such as speed limits.
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Two dedicated lanes on Bencoolen Street for pedestrians and cyclists
22 Jan 2016
Pedestrians and cyclists will get two dedicated lanes on part of Bencoolen Street in the nation's drive for a 'car-lite' society.
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Causeway traffic eases for pedestrians but not vehicles
19 Dec 2015
Removal of turnstiles causing massive jams at the Causeway may have helped situation, but motorists say they still see heavy traffic even past midnight.
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Elderly pedestrians to get more road safety zones
13 Aug 2015
The Land Transport Authority said yesterday that it has identified 10 more locations for its Silver Zone programme, bringing the total to 15.
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Better road safety with new signs for pedestrians and motorists
15 Oct 2014
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will add new road markings and signs to alert pedestrians and motorists to look out for each other.
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Ex-bus driver jailed and banned for rash act which killed pedestrian
11 Mar 2014
An ex-SMRT bus driver was sentenced to six months' jail and a driving ban of eight years for killing a pedestrian through a rash act.
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