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Video Review - Morgan Plus Six 3.0 Touring (A)
30 Dec 2022
This Morgan Plus Six comes with a small and rackety cabin. But that roaring six-cylinder and raw driving experience offers a unique driving experience.
Clarence Seow | 3,563 views | Morgan Reviews
Morgan reimagines its Plus Four and Plus Six cars
12 Nov 2022
The new Plus Four and Plus Six will feature a host of visual and dynamic updates which include new interior trims and Electronic Stability Control.
Car Review - Morgan Plus Six 3.0 Touring (A)
24 Sep 2022
The Morgan Plus Six Touring offers all the same loud and raw driving experience of its convertible variant, but with added all-weather capability.
Clarence Seow | 5,232 views | Morgan Reviews
Morgan moves part of its assembly line to London for a craft show
29 Apr 2022
For the first time in the firm's 113-year history, part of the Morgan assembly line is being moved to London for a special showcase.
Take a quick tour through Morgan's Malvern site with this new video
20 Feb 2022
A new video released from Morgan takes us through the assembly process of its cars, all with minimal disturbance of the staff.
2022 Morgan Plus Six arrives in Singapore
25 Jan 2022
The Morgan Plus Six has been updated with a new active sports system alongside plenty of new practical touches in the cabin.
Local News | 1,267 views | Morgan News
2022 Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six will receive a host of updates
30 May 2021
The update comes following feedback from customers and press alike, and reflects Morgan's desire to evolve its product and provide tangible customer benefit.
Car Review - Morgan Plus Six 3.0 Bespoke (A)
08 Apr 2021
The Morgan Plus Six delivers on charming looks and a sweet ride, making it a perfect two-seat convertible for weekend drives.
Clarence Seow | 5,966 views | Morgan Reviews
Morgan launches 3D configurator for the Plus Six
24 Jan 2020
Featuring high-fidelity graphics and the Plus Six's extensive range of options, the configurator allows all to imagine their dream Morgan.