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Never commit these acts of road rage while driving, no matter how angry you are
05 Dec 2022
Driving on the road can be quite the infuriating experience for many, but hey, no matter how angry you are, you shouldn't road rage.
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5 dangerous driving habits to watch out for when driving in Singapore
06 Oct 2021
Spotting a dangerous driver helps keep you and your passengers safe. Here are five signs of dangerous driving to watch out for on the roads of Singapore.
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Jail terms sought to curb reckless driving
13 Apr 2017
The prosecution urges the High Court that jail terms ought to be the norm in cases where serious damage or injuries occur as a result of dangerous driving.
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Another accused of driving against traffic
01 Feb 2017
First-time offenders of dangerous driving can be jailed for a year and fined $3,000 while repeat offenders can be jailed two years and fined $5,000.
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SMRT terminates relief cabby for reckless driving
04 Sep 2014
Transport operator SMRT has fired a relief taxi driver after a video of him driving recklessly was shared on social media.
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SMRT bus fleet installed with new device to offer a safer ride
04 Aug 2014
The fleet of 1,200 SMRT buses are now installed with a device, which could monitor driver habits on the road including speeding and reckless driving.
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'Road bully' fined and banned from driving for two years
30 May 2014
The infamous Honda Civic driver has been fined $5,400 and banned from driving for two years for driving recklessly to endanger life.
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Driver arrested after reckless driving
14 Aug 2013
A driver lost control of his lorry and swerved across four lanes, before crashing into a tree and Audi sedan on Monday night.
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Aid the traffic police by sending videos of reckless drivers to the authorities
05 Aug 2013
The Traffic Police has requested drivers with in-car cameras to send videos of speeding motorists to the authorities on top of uploading it on the internet.
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Property agent fined for reckless driving when trailing husband
30 Jan 2013
A woman who was trailing her then-husband and caused hurt to him and two others via her reckless driving was fined yesterday.
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