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Ways to deal with road rage incidents in Singapore
09 Mar 2021
Road rage can be the cause of car accidents anywhere in the world. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a road rage incident, here's how to handle the situation.
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Angry driver obstructs path of SBS bus at Toa Payoh
16 Jul 2014
An angry driver obstructed the way of a SBS public bus for at least 15 minutes, preventing the bus driver from making a right turn.
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Road rage incident at Temasek Boulevard
07 May 2014
A Caucasian motorcyclist abused a motorist after he was given a slight tap of the horn for blocking traffic while making an illegal U-turn.
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Businessman jailed four weeks for road rage
01 Oct 2013
A 62-year old businessman was sentenced to four weeks' jail after attacking and causing hurt to the passenger in an overtaking car.
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Two weeks jail term for cabby who punched motorcyclist
12 Jul 2013
A 43-year old cab driver was sentenced to two weeks in jail yesterday for a road rage case - after assaulting a motorcyclist
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Man in road rage incident goes to jail for mischief
08 Jun 2013
A van driver involved in a road rage incident has been sentenced yesterday to one week in jail for causing mischief.
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Road rage incidents on the rise over the years - one attack every four days
26 May 2013
The number of road rage incidents is on the rise in Singapore - with known attacks occurring once every four days last year.
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Jail for businessman involved in road rage
11 May 2013
A businessman was sentenced to one month in jail yesterday for punching another road user in a case of road rage in Jurong.
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Road rage lands motorist four months in jail
11 Apr 2013
A motorist who reversed his car into a taxi and claimed that the taxi hit him instead was jailed for reckless driving and insurance fraud.
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Jail for breakdance teacher in road rage incident
24 Jan 2013
A breakdance teacher goes to jail for trying to pull a woman out of a taxi in a road rage incident that happened last September.
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Cabbies engaged in 'dogfight' on PIE sacked
08 Jan 2013
Two ComfortDelGro taxi drivers have been sacked for reckless driver, after a motorist exposed their acts in a video, and posted it online.
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Lorry driver arrested for road rage and driving under the influence of drugs
25 Oct 2012
A 52-year-old Singaporean lorry driver has been arrested for suspected driving under the influence of drugs following numeral accidents and assault.
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