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COE prices drop across the board despite supply shrink
04 Aug 2021
In the first Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for August, COE premiums fell across all private car categories.
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The Opel Crossland brings the firm's new design language into Singapore
04 Aug 2021
The new Opel Crossland has arrived here in Singapore, the first car to do so sporting the firm's new Vizor front design element.
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Grab launches new financial literacy programme
04 Aug 2021
Grab Singapore's new financial literacy programme will cover topics from budgeting and saving, to loans, credit, and insurance.
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Types of HDB season parking and costs to expect before applying
02 Aug 2021
If you own a car and live in an HDB, chances are you've applied for HDB season parking. What types are there? What costs to expect? Here's an easy guide.
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2021 Subaru XV GT Edition now in Singapore
29 Jul 2021
Those looking for that rugged look with their crossover now have the 2021 Subaru XV GT Edition to add to their list of options.
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Tesla delivers its first cars in Singapore
29 Jul 2021
Tesla has delivered its first few Model 3s here in Singapore from its recently announced service centre in Toa Payoh.
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HDB season parking - multi-storey car park or open-air car park?
28 Jul 2021
When it comes to HDB season parking, is it better to park in a multi-storey car park (MSCP) or an open-air carpark (OACP)? Let's discuss.
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Harley-Davidson announces the arrival of the new Pan-America in Singapore
26 Jul 2021
The new Harley-Davidson Pan-America makes it debut in Singapore, alongside the rest of the brand's stellar MY21 motorcycle lineup.
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More taxpayer money to be spent on taxi and PHV drivers
23 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced another round of payouts for taxi and PHV drivers, even though the last one was issued as social distancing measures were being lifted.
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COE premiums rise across all categories on eve of COE supply drop
22 Jul 2021
In the second Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for July, COE premiums rose across all car categories.
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Road tax should be made more transparent and simpler
21 Jul 2021
The road tax formula in Singapore should be made more transparent and simpler to make sense to car owners and drivers alike.
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Car sharing in Singapore - A guide by a car sharing driver
21 Jul 2021
Need a car, but don't own one? Here are some tips to take note of for the car sharing driver by a car sharing driver.
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Tesla debuts new V3 Supercharger in Singapore, the first in Southeast Asia
19 Jul 2021
The new V3 Supercharger located at Orchard Central has three charging stalls that will significantly shorten charging times for Tesla owners.
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LTA announces co-funding scheme for EV chargers in NLPRs
19 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced that it will co-fund the installation costs of 2,000 EV chargers at NLPRs, as an early adoption incentive.
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COE supply to shrink across all categories for third consecutive quarter
14 Jul 2021
The average monthly supply of COEs for the quarter of Aug to Oct 2021 will drop to 4,659 from the current quarter's supply of 5,334.
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