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The Aston Martin DBX arrives in Singapore
17 Jan 2021
The DBX, Aston Martin's highly anticipated SUV, has finally arrived in Singapore, and is available for viewing and test drives at the Aston Martin showroom.
Sharp rise in number of road potholes after heavy rain
15 Jan 2021
An increasing number of potholes have been reported on the road after the recent wet weather, posing a danger to local road users.
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The BMW World event opens in Singapore
15 Jan 2021
The next iteration of the BMW World event opens here in Singapore dealerships and through a virtual event space online, from now till 19 February.
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Toyota unveils the new Yaris Cross in Singapore
14 Jan 2021
Borneo Motors announces the launch of the all new Toyota Yaris Cross, combining modern features into a compact but impressive package.
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Experience Audi's new electric era in Singapore
14 Jan 2021
The Audi e-tron 50 and e-tron Sportback 50 make their Singapore debut at the Audi e-tron Hub showcase at Audi Centre Singapore.
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Top 8 car breakdown problems in Singapore
14 Jan 2021
Here are the top 8 car breakdown problems that you might face, and how they can be resolved. With this handy guide, you won't be caught off guard!
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Uber's appeal over anti-competitive Grab merger dismissed, $6.58m fine upheld
14 Jan 2021
Ride-hailing firm Uber will have to pay a $6.58 million penalty after its appeal against a 2018 decision that it had breached competition laws was dismissed.
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Bentley Singapore achieves strong sales in a challenging 2020
14 Jan 2021
2020 was a challenging year for many, but for Bentley Singapore, 2020 proved to be a year of achievement, with year-on-year growth recorded at almost 15%.
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The refreshed Subaru XV has been launched in Singapore
13 Jan 2021
Motor Image has introduced the refreshed Subaru XV for 2021, with the updated model featuring several aesthetic and mechanical enhancements.
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COE supply across all categories to shrink from February
13 Jan 2021
The total supply of COEs for the period of February to April 2021 will drop to 5,835 from the current quarter's 6,649.
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Harley Davidson's first virtual H.O.G rally a success
13 Jan 2021
Hosted by Harley Davidson Asia Emerging Markets, the first virtual H.O.G rally was a success with over 77,000 views.
Chinese New Year giveaway and offers for BlackVue cameras
11 Jan 2021
Wow! Gadgets, the sole distributor for BlackVue in Singapore, is having a giveaway quiz to commemorate the upcoming festive period.
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Train fault on North-South Line causes delay on Friday night
11 Jan 2021
A train fault occured on the North-South Line late on Friday night, 8 January 2021, but it was cleared and services were progressively restored before midnight.
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Tesla shows location of its first charger in Singapore
11 Jan 2021
Tesla has released a map indicating the location of its first charger in Singapore, with the location purported to be within Singapore Island Country Club.
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5 reasons why going all electric isn't as hard as you think it is
11 Jan 2021
With the planned phasing out of combustion engines by 2040, we find out from Cars & Coffee Singapore about how an electric car might just work out well today.
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