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A different list: Toyota is still Singapore's king, but a new name is rising
19 Jan 2022
Even when looking at new car registrations on the whole, Toyota was indisputably supreme in 2021. However, a fresh face has also darted into the Top 10...
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team, Honda | 170 views | Features
Tesla opens dedicated retail store at Millenia Walk
15 Jan 2022
Tesla Singapore has opened a new showroom at Millenia Walk with two Model 3s available for viewing and another two waiting outside for test drives!
Local News | 3,610 views | Tesla News
Tesla sets sales record again with nearly one million cars delivered in 2021
04 Jan 2022
The global chip shortage appears to have had no dampening effect on the electric carmaker's ability to achieve its best year on record.
Nearly half a million Tesla Model 3 and Model S sedans are being recalled over safety issues
31 Dec 2021
This marks the largest-ever vehicle recall by Tesla, although its scale still pales in comparison to the recalls we've seen from bigger carmakers.
The Editorial Team's favourite cars of 2021
31 Dec 2021
With more than 100 cars reviewed this year, the SGCM Editorial Team picks the 10 cars that have left the greatest impression on us in 2021.
Editorial Team | 3,701 views | Features
Car Review - Polestar 2 Electric Long Range Dual Motor Pilot Pack 78 kWh (A)
30 Dec 2021
With its capable drivetrain, premium cabin and keen attention to detail, the Polestar 2 is an electric vehicle that makes a keen impression at a tempting price point.
Desmond Chan | 14,772 views | Polestar Reviews
Would you blow your Tesla up if it cost too much to repair?
27 Dec 2021
Of course not - not in Singapore, for sure. But de-registering (or shall we say, de-commissioning) your car can apparently be quite different up in Finland...
Tesla's Model Y joins Model 3 as IIHS' Top Safety Pick+
23 Dec 2021
The compact SUV from the EV-maker performed well across six evaluation tests, and also received plaudits for offering well-rated headlights as standard.
Tesla looks set to get dedicated showroom at Millenia Walk
22 Dec 2021
New hoarding bearing the Tesla logo has gone up at the central atrium at Millenia Walk, alongside a displayed Tesla Model 3.
Local News | 2,799 views | Tesla News
The Tesla Cybertruck's windscreen wiper is so huge that it could double up as a lightsaber
13 Dec 2021
Drone footage has revealed that the Cybertruck is being tested on Tesla's Fremont track, now sporting an appropriately long wiper for its huge windscreen.
Car Review - Tesla Model 3 Electric Performance AWD (A)
04 Dec 2021
Power aplenty and high value alongside a clever self-driving system make the Tesla Model 3 an excellent commuter for those that would rather be removed from the driving experience.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 27,970 views | Tesla Reviews
Porsche Singapore expands charging network, to offer at least 51 charging points by mid-2022
01 Dec 2021
The Porsche Destination Charging network will be expanded to at least 11 locations islandwide, including City Square Mall and Sembawang Country Club.
Local News | 8,734 views | Porsche News
Apple Watch, Apple TV and now... An autonomous Apple Car?
20 Nov 2021
Apple's long-in-the-pipeline project is now skewing more than ever towards an autonomous electric vehicle, with an apparent 2025 launch target.
Land Rover meets Tesla: What you need to know about Rivian, the EV-maker that went public last week
17 Nov 2021
Out of the gate, Rivian, a not-so-new newcomer to the EV-arena, has already surpassed legacy carmakers in market valuation. But who or what is Rivian exactly?
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Rivian | 10,004 views | Features
EVs boast zero tailpipe-emissions, but how is the electricity that powers them generated?
11 Nov 2021
While electric cars are undeniably better for the environment, it would do us good to pay more attention to the promise of "zero-emissions". Especially here: On tiny, sunny Singapore.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team, Design Team, BMW, EMA, Newslink, Unsplash | 6,910 views | Car Ownership Advice