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Toyota has revealed the new Aqua
23 Jul 2021
The new Toyota Aqua will utilise a 1.5-litre engine paired to a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery for a claimed fuel economy of 35.8km/L.
Toyota receives over 60,000 orders for the Aqua Hybrid
31 Dec 2011
Toyota has claimed that it has received over 60,000 orders for the new Aqua Hybrid, also known as the Prius C, in its domestic market of Japan
Toyota gives the Prius C a new Sport Package
27 Dec 2011
Toyota has given its Prius C hatchback, also known as the Aqua in its domestic market, a new Sport Package
Toyota Prius C revealed
18 Nov 2011
Toyota has pulled the wraps off the new Prius C, a dedicated hybrid hatchback based on the Prius, and sold as the Aqua in Japan