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Point S opens its first branded location in Singapore
27 Nov 2019
Point S continues its successful penetration into Asia with the signing of its first store in Sin Ming Industrial Estate.
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Tireler sets to change how the tyre industry works
27 Sep 2018
Tireler consists of a dedicated team that wants to engage the tyre industry, by providing tailored solutions for tyre retailers in the future.
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Harnessing networked retailing with Point S
14 Sep 2018
Harnessing networked connectivity to become the largest tyre retail chain in the world, Point S continues to grow its independent retail model in Asia.
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TYREPAC announces partnership with
17 Jun 2010
Singapore-based online tyre retailer Tyrepac in partnership with Singapore map provider
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Tyrepac sponsors the Goodyear Formula DRIFT Malaysia 2009
16 Nov 2009
Singapore-based online tyre retailer Tyrepac, sponsors Malaysia leg of Formula DRIFT, forms their very own drift team - Team TYREPAC Kumho
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