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Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance in Singapore (2021)
Here's all you need to know to find the best insurance for your car: we help you understand the types of coverage, terms like NCD & excess, how they affect your premiums and more.
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Get insured against COVID-19 when you ride with comfortDelGro
20 Oct 2021
ComfortProtect grants taxi passengers protection against personal accidents and even COVID-19, from just $0.30 per ride!
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You and three other buddies will soon be able to take the same PHV or taxi
11 Jun 2021
The LTA has announced that it will lift the two passenger limit for taxis and PHVs, in line with the new restrictions on permitted group sizes.
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Harley Davidson's first virtual H.O.G rally a success
13 Jan 2021
Hosted by Harley Davidson Asia Emerging Markets, the first virtual H.O.G rally was a success with over 77,000 views.
Ford unveils new blind spot assist technology
08 Nov 2020
New blind spot assist technology from Ford could help to lower the risk of accidents that take place during lane changing,
Research from DS show risk of accidents increases exponentially after dark
26 Oct 2020
DS Automobiles suggests that the risk of fatal accidents is five times greater at night, with factors like bad weather and limited visibility increasing risk.
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Segment of PIE to have added road safety features
24 Aug 2020
A segment of the PIE at Jalan Anak Bukit will undergo improvements after several vehicles were seen to have skidded out of control there.
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Fatal accidents at record low, but elderly and motorcyclists still at risk
11 Feb 2020
The number of fatal accidents and road deaths in 2019 has dropped to a record low, but the elderly and motorcyclists are still at risk.
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Bicycle and e-bike accidents down slightly
10 Jan 2020
Between Jan and Nov last year, there were 417 cases of bicycle and e-bike accidents, down from 465 in same period in 2018.
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More crucial to build a viable walkway network, say experts
05 Nov 2019
Ban of PMDs on footpaths a right move as current infrastructure does not support co-existence of riders and pedestrians, experts say.
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TTSH sees spike in PMD injuries in two years
22 Oct 2019
In the first nine months of this year, 79 PMD riders were admitted to TTSH for injuries, a 70% increase in two years.
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PMD ban may be hard to enforce
08 Oct 2019
A complete ban on personal mobility devices is possible but would be difficult to enforce because of their widespread use.
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Bedok residents want PMD use restricted or banned
30 Sep 2019
A straw poll of 150 residents by The Straits Times found that 63 wanted PMDs to be banned, and 45 wanted them restricted to those with trouble getting around.
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Road accidents involving pedestrians aged over 60 rose in first half of 2019
28 Sep 2019
More pedestrians aged 60 and above were involved in road accidents and died in the first six months of this year compared to 2018.
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PMD in fatal crash exceeded weight, width limit: LTA
27 Sep 2019
The e-scooter that collided with a 65-year-old cyclist, and causing her death, was a non-compliant personal mobility device.
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Fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles hit three-year low in 2018
16 Aug 2019
According to the Traffic Police, fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles continued to decline last year, hitting a three-year low.
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