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Aston Martin confirms lineup for Goodwood
21 Jun 2022
Aston Martin has confirmed that its DBX707 performance SUV, Valkyrie hypercar, and the V12 Vantage will be present at Goodwood.
Aston Martin DBX707 rolls off production line
10 May 2022
Production of the 697bhp Aston Martin DBX707 performance SUV has started at the firm's new facility at St. Athan, Wales.
Aston Martin announces new sustainability strategy
24 Apr 2022
Aston Martin has announced that it will be launching its first all-electric vehicle by 2025 as part of its new 'Racing.Green.' sustainability strategy.
Aston Martin reveals the final V12 Vantage
18 Mar 2022
The Aston Martin V12 Vantage bows out with a fitting final 690bhp edition, which will be limited to just 333 examples globally.
Aston Martin to collaborate with U.K.-based battery cell developer Britishvolt
07 Mar 2022
Aston Martin will be collaborating with Britishvolt to develop battery packs and management systems for its future electric vehicles.
Aston Martin to supply the safety cars for Formula One
26 Feb 2022
Aston Martin will field the Vantage Safety Car and DBX Medical Car for the 12 scheduled races of the 2022 Formula One season.
Aston Martin to take in 100 new staff for production of DBX707 performance SUV
22 Feb 2022
Aston Martin has announced it will take in a further 100 staff at its St. Athan facility in the U.K. to assist with the production of the DBX707 SUV.
Aston Martin launches new recruitment drive
13 Feb 2022
The firm is taking in 18 apprentices, 20 graduates and 10 paid interns as part of the U.K.'s National Apprenticeship Week.
New 697bhp Aston Martin DBX707 takes lead in the luxury SUV numbers game
03 Feb 2022
698bhp and 900Nm from the Aston Martin DBX707 puts it firmly in the lead in the big numbers game when it comes to big and luxurious SUVs.
Digital premiere confirmed for latest performance-oriented Aston Martin DBX
26 Jan 2022
Aston Martin has revealed that the new performance-oriented DBX will be revealed come 9:00pm Singapore time via a global digital premiere.
Aston Martin DBX to get performance variant
20 Jan 2022
A teaser video released by Aston Martin claims this upcoming DBX variant will be the world's most powerful luxury SUV.
Aston Martin to build final edition V12-powered Vantage
02 Dec 2021
Aston Martin has announced that it will reveal a final V12-powered Vantage come 2022 in a short teaser video. Come hear it yourself.
Production for Aston Martin Valkyrie now in full swing
05 Nov 2021
Aston Martin has completed the first 1,139bhp customer Valkyrie, kicking off full production for the hypercar at its Gaydon facility.
Production starts for the electrified Lunaz Aston Martin DB6
11 Oct 2021
Production allocations of the Lunaz electric Aston Martin DB6 have opened, with prices said to exceed $1.3 million before taxes.
The tiny Aston Martin DB5 Junior will let you and one kiddo live out your Bond fantasies
21 Sep 2021
Complete with simulated guns and a smoke screen for successful getaways, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior is sure to get your child hooked onto the Bond franchise.