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Jeep engages its community to name the new electric Wagoneer
27 Nov 2022
Jeep has launched a contest to name its new electric Wagoneer, with a ski trip to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for four being the grand prize.
Jeep brings back the very orange-y Punk'n exterior paint colour
02 Nov 2022
Jeep is returning the Punk'n exterior colour palette to the iconic Jeep Wrangler for the 2023 model year, only for a limited period of time.
Jeep releases the new fully electric Avenger
20 Oct 2022
The new Jeep Avenger is the brand's first all-electric car, powered by a 400V electric motor which produces 152bhp and 260Nm of torque.
Jeep reveals new Avenger 4x4 concept in Paris
19 Oct 2022
Jeep has unveiled the Jeep Avenger 4x4, which is a more aggressive looking Avenger with more protection and extra built-in flood lights.
Jeep presents the world's largest duck
14 Sep 2022
The Jeep brand will be placing the world's largest duck, which is 21 metres tall and 24 metres long, at the Detroit Auto Show.
Jeep wants to be leader in SUV electrification
11 Sep 2022
Jeep has revealed its next phase of its all-electric grand plan to become the global leader of electric SUVs, starting with the launch of four electric SUVs.
Jeep brings refreshing new High Velocity Yellow to the Gladiator range
13 Aug 2022
The newly released High Velocity Yellow is an energetic and highly impactful hue which aims to make a special vehicle even more special.
Jeeps now have an option of high performance wiper blades from Jeep Performance Parts
10 Aug 2022
The high performance glass cleaner system will use less washer fluid, eliminating 'blind' seconds thus providing better visibility.
Everything you need to learn about the newly updated 2023 Jeep Wrangler
15 Jul 2022
The 2023 model remains mostly unchanged apart from a few aesthetic upgrades that have arrived to spruce up your Wrangler for the coming year.
Earl and Reign - Two new colours released for 2023 Jeep Wrangler
15 Jul 2022
What colours do you associate with the words 'Earl' and 'Reign'? Does nothing come to mind? Don't fret, nothing came to ours either.
Jeep announces military-themed Freedom package for Wrangler and Gladiator
03 Jul 2022
The package will deck the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator with a Oscar Mike badge at the rear, and various capability enhancements.
2022 Jeep Compass scores at IIHS safety tests
16 Jun 2022
Jeep has announced that the 2022 Compass SUV has scored a Top safety Pick rating at the latest U.S.A IIHS safety tests.
Jeep launches new marketing campaign in partnership with Jurassic World franchise
04 Jun 2022
Jeep and Universal Pictures are teaming up ahead of the launch Universal and Amblin Entertainment's new movie, Jurassic World Dominion.
Jeep launches new Igloo Playmate coolers
06 May 2022
The Igloo Playmate coolers come with custom identifiably Jeep graphics, perfect for those that need to keep their drinks cool wherever they may be headed.
Jeep 4xe plug-in hybrid owners can now also earn cryptocurrency as they drive
25 Apr 2022
Owners of plug-in hybrid Jeep 4xe models in Europe will now also be rewarded for driving efficiently with cryptocurrency.