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Audi to establish new high-voltage battery development site at Neckarsulm
28 Oct 2021
The new site will grow the know-how of the current employees at the location and turn it into a development centre for electromobility technology.
COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund extended; to cost government $16 million dollars
21 Oct 2021
Eligible drivers under the scheme can look forward to an additional $5 per vehicle per day in November and $5 per vehicle per day in December.
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Additional $23.5 million of support for point-to-point drivers announced as Singapore tightens restrictions (again)
24 Sep 2021
The LTA is reviving the COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF) again as Singapore tightens restrictions while battling its largest surge in cases yet.
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More taxpayer money to be spent on taxi and PHV drivers
23 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced another round of payouts for taxi and PHV drivers, even though the last one was issued as social distancing measures were being lifted.
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LTA announces co-funding scheme for EV chargers in NLPRs
19 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced that it will co-fund the installation costs of 2,000 EV chargers at NLPRs, as an early adoption incentive.
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Harsher punishments ahead for errant street racers, e-bike riders, and those that just don't learn
29 Jun 2021
Read on as we take you through what's in store for those pesky street racers, errant e-bike riders, and those that are just serial repeat offenders.
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LTA to E-scooter and PAB riders: Apply for your mandatory tests now
14 Jun 2021
Passing the respective tests will become compulsory come 1 January 2022, but you'll want to apply now if you're thinking of riding.
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You and three other buddies will soon be able to take the same PHV or taxi
11 Jun 2021
The LTA has announced that it will lift the two passenger limit for taxis and PHVs, in line with the new restrictions on permitted group sizes.
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More money blown on taxi and PHV drivers, even as economy reopens
11 Jun 2021
Another $40 million of taxpayer money is about to be blown on taxi and PHV drivers, even as ridership is expected to rise as the economy reopens.
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Harsher penalties for dangerous driving in School and Silver zones come July
01 Jun 2021
Make sure you slow down when driving through the next Silver or School zone, or you could be facing a hefty fine and a whole load of demerit points!
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More assistance in store for PHV and taxi drivers
21 May 2021
The Government will set aside an additional $27 million to provide an additional $10 per vehicle per day top-up through the COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund.
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New measures for commuters during Heightened Alert Period
16 May 2021
Taxis and private hire cars will not be able to carry more than two passengers, while commercial car-pooling services will be suspended.
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The Alpine A110 Legende GT 2021: The perfect balance of elegance, refinement and performance
15 May 2021
Limited to just 300 units for Europe, the Legende GT 2021 incorporates new design elements and enhanced equipment levels.
E-scooter mandatory test to start from $5
12 May 2021
E-scooter and PAB riders can now looking forward to forking out $5 for their mandatory theory tests, and another $10 for every re-try after the second.
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Mandatory theory test a long time coming for e-bike riders
30 Apr 2021
Electric scooter and electric bicycle riders will soon need to pass a mandatory online test if they wish to continue riding their devices.
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