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Private-hire drivers may get to claim some tax deductions
20 Jun 2018
The Ministry of Finance has proposed allowing private-hire drivers to claim tax deductions for car-related expenses, such as vehicle rental and petrol.
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Updated MINI One 3 Door and MINI One 5 Door now available in Singapore
11 Jun 2018
MINI Asia and Eurokars Habitat jointly announced that the newest editions of the Original MINI are now available in Singapore.
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'Unconventional' bus stop beats land constraints in innovative way: Ministry
28 May 2018
An 'unconventional' bus stop along Bukit Timah Road has been thrown into the spotlight after a photo by Facebook user Mei Shan went viral.
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A special MINI to mark a special occasion
12 May 2018
MINI has designed an exclusive one-off car for charity to toast the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
MINI U.K. celebrates 25 years of MINI Convertible
03 May 2018
MINI U.K. is celebrating a key milestone with the 25th anniversary of the MINI Convertible, first on sale in 1993.
MINI at Auto China Beijing 2018
18 Apr 2018
The traditional British brand presents its portfolio of models for premium mobility at the international motor show in the Chinese capital.
MINI presents 'MINI Living - Built By All' living concept at Milan Design Week
17 Apr 2018
MINI will presents its 'MINI Living - Built By All' installation at this year's Milan Design Week, a new installation revealing a visionary living concept.
A look back into the future: The classic Mini Electric
29 Mar 2018
At the New York International Auto Show 2018, MINI presents a special car, an all-electric version of the classic Mini.
MINI exhibits visionary living concept
18 Mar 2018
MINI Living is an initiative first launched by MINI in 2016 with the aim of devising creative architectural solutions for the urban lifestyles of the future.
On-call buses due to arrive by end of year
07 Mar 2018
By the end of the year, commuters will be able to call on-demand buses that cost less than taxis and have higher service standards than public buses.
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MINI gets even smarter and more digitally advanced
14 Feb 2018
From March 2018, all new MINI models will be available with the option of a built-in 4G SIM card that will usher in a new era of connectivity.
Two firms land deal to conduct on-demand bus trials
13 Feb 2018
Two firms, Via Transportation and Ministry of Movement, have been awarded almost half a million dollars in contracts to carry out on-demand bus service trials.
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Morgan EV3 Junior is a mini three-wheeled EV for aspiring enthusiasts
23 Jan 2018
British car company Morgan created a mini three-wheeled electric vehicle that's perfect for the aspiring enthusiasts in kids.
Second-hand car dealers posing as owners to sell their cars
22 Jan 2018
Some second-hand car dealers have resorted to posing as direct sellers in order to avoid warranty obligations and paying GST.
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MINI models get a refreshing update for 2018
12 Jan 2018
MINI is strengthening the progressive character and appeal of its models with a stylishly refined visual appearance and extensive technological advancements.