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Maserati introduces its first electrified car: The new Ghibli Hybrid
19 Jul 2020
Maserati introduces its first electrified vehicle, the new Ghibli Hybrid, launching the trident brand into the world of electrification
Maserati reveals details of the MC20's engine
03 Jul 2020
Maserati's Nettuno engine features various innovations borrowed from Formula One, and will be used in the MC20 super sportscar.
New season of Master Maserati programme begins
01 Jul 2020
The 21st season of the Master Maserati driving courses, which allow participants to drive the entire model range, are about to start.
Maserati Levante Trofeo and GTS to display new livery
29 Jun 2020
Maserati displays a special livery dedicated to Italy on the Maserati Levante Trofeo and GTS as part of a renewal project within the company.
Komoco to reopen showrooms for leading brands
19 Jun 2020
Komoco will be reopening showrooms for their leading brands, Hyundai, Harley-Davidson, Ferrari, Jeep and Maserati, on 19 June.
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Maserati teases the reveal of the new Ghibli Hybrid
09 Jun 2020
Maserati releases a teaser of the reveal of the new Ghibli Hybrid with the hashtag 'SparkTheNext', along with a teaser video.
Maserati reveals MC20 prototype dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss
15 May 2020
While tests are still ongoing, Maserati has revealed teasers for a unique MC20 prototype dedicated to the late Sir Stirling Moss.
Maserati celebrates 70 years since historic double win
03 May 2020
Maserati celebrates its 70th year since the historic 'same day double win' in the first ever Formula One World Championship season.
Maserati to postpone brand relaunch event
30 Mar 2020
Maserati has announced that its brand relaunch event has been postponed to September 2020 due to current COVID-19 crisis.
Maserati starts prototype testing of the MC20
06 Mar 2020
The first full prototype of the new Maserati MC20 has emerged, marking the start of a period of road and track tests.
Maserati MC20: Name of new super sports car announced
21 Feb 2020
The new and eagerly-anticipated Maserati super sports car will be named the Maserati MC20, and will make its worldwide debut at the end of May.
Maserati premieres the new Levante Royale at the Snow Polo World Cup
01 Feb 2020
Maserati has premiered the Levante Royale Special Edition to guests at the Snow Polo World Cup Final at Saint Moritz.
Maserati announces Royale special series
21 Jan 2020
Limited to just 100 units, the Royale special series cars will be available in only two unique colours - Blu Royale and Verde Royale.
Maserati opens the doors to its Innovation Lab
15 Nov 2019
Maserati opens the doors of its engineering division on Via Emilia Ovest to offer an exclusive look into the firm's heart of innovation.
Exclusive night event marks end of production of the Maserati GranTurismo
15 Nov 2019
Guests had the opportunity to sleep alongside the production line at Modena to mark the end of production for the Maserati GranTurismo.